Princess Leia Twitter Ban

Princess Leia Twitter Ban — Powerful Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY10) has been making divisive comments whose dishonesty we feel literally — yeah, Rachel Maddow we know what the word means — crosses the line to sedition.

Princess Leia Twitter Ban
Why would anyone think this man should be strangled by Princess Leia?

Saying you can’t trust an election on false claims that the President is a traitor can’t be anything but a call to resist lawful authority.

Anyway, it was being discussed on Twitter as to what should happen to Congressman Nadler and we innocently suggest he “should be strangled to death by Princess Leia.”

Quick Quiz for Ms. Maddow: Should a comment about being strangled to death by Princess Leia be taken “literally”.

But dang if that didn’t get us suspended. We haven’t fixed that account yet. Don’t know if we will.

3 thoughts on “Princess Leia Twitter Ban”

  1. Well, we can share this to our own Twitter accounts, and see if those humorless Progressive pricks have figured out that the statement is satirical. But Leftists/Progressives have no sense of humor.

    Sharing now…

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