Putin Body Count

Putin Body Count
Got ya beat Vlad.

Putin Body Count — Russian President Vladmir Putin is a pretty scary guy as we are constantly being reminded. Many of his opponents have died early and mysterious deaths. Business Insider has put together this troubling list of them.

Oh sorry. Wrong list. That was the Clinton Body Count.

Here is the one for Putin.

Putin Body Count

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    1. A bullet killed Vince Foster by his own hand! It’s called suicide. Foster was suffering from depression.
      You can’t expect people to believe accusations that comes from pure speculation. Trump was accused of killing three of his own executives that were on their way to New Jersey to his failed casinos. Trump was supposed to fly on the helicopter but decided in the last minute not to go. The three executives along with two others never made to Atlanta City because the rotor blade got loose and broke off sending all the men to their death! This happened in the 1990’s when Trump knew many in organized crime aka mafia. So why aren’t YOU accusing TRUMP of MURDER???? Trump had the time, money and motive to do this crime without anybody thinking he had a hand in it. But you decide to look the other way because Trump wasn’t a politician then. Here’s a new flash, businessmen also kill people those who gets in their way.

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