Recognize Propaganda And Think Freely

Recognize Propaganda And Think Freely — Usually we don’t know but often we do regarding certainties.

The Covid crisis is an example. Consider the vaccines. Officialdom endorses them. Normally, that’s good enough to trust. The problem is there are highly credentialed dissenters. Are their concerns being respectfully considered? Not accepted, just being allowed to be considered? No. They are being dissmissed.

Dr. Robert W Malone, who is considered the inventor of mRNA vaccines, says the endorsed Covid vaxes appear to be backfiring and should be stopped. We obviously can’t say he is right but just as obviously his claim should not be rejected out of hand as Wikipedia does. This influential gatekeeper of information implies he is “promoting misinformation.”

Nobel Prize winning French virologist Luc Montagnier is also a huge critic of the vaccines. Wikipedia says he is a “promoter of the conspiracy theory” that Covid was created in a lab.

Actually, Montagnier is looking pretty good there. Wiki probably should update its “debunking” claim.

Who are you going to believe anyway: Wikipedia or the French Nobel Prize guy?

At this point, the default should be if it’s official it’s a lie.

Recognize Propaganda And Think Freely
Wikipedia claiming that the inventor of mRNA vaccines is spreading misinformation about mRNA vaccines. From Aug. 25, 2021
Recognize Propaganda And Think Freely
Wikipedia claiming that a Nobel Prize winner is a promoter of a conspiracy theory regarding a subject in which he won the Nobel Prize.
Recognize Propaganda And Think Freely

One thought on “Recognize Propaganda And Think Freely”

  1. Quote from a comment section and I agree with it was “I will wait for 5 to 10 years to see if the human guinea pigs prove this mRNA shot safe before I would take one” but we are damned if we do? and damned if we do not take it, while governments offer free hamburgers and hot dogs, balloons party favors etc. at rallies type urging us all to take this mRNA shot and now it’s follow up booster shot.
    If this is really an mRNA shot that rewrites your DNA to grow a protein spike how could it need a booster shot in 6 months actually less they are now saying? My biggest thoughts against this inappropriate test done on humans by the millions was if your DNA was rewritten by this RNA shot would it develop into cancer as your bodies antibodies started attacking it but worse what will it do to future generations if their DNA is now changed. Was it really an mRNA shot in the the first place if it wears off in only 3-6 months as they are now saying but you can still get this flu and spread it.
    This looks more like a political experiment agenda with lots of propaganda and lies thrown in from the worlds bought out governments and the CCP’s UN one world WHO. This shot could just be to fulfill their agenda to reduce the population of all countries by 75%. since their not so “experts” that they push while other real scientist have either truth or questions that need a real honest answer.


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