Vaccinations Must Stop If ADE Happening

Vaccinations Must Stop If ADE Happening — Dr. Robert Malone, whose credentials in vaccination and virology speak for themselves, says that if what is being reported is true regarding the development of anti-body dependent enhancement (ADE) in the vaccinated the vaccines must be stopped immediately.

The dramatic claim came during today’s (July 28) Bannons War Room with Steve Bannon.

NBC news has reported –albeit it from an unnamed government source — that titers in those those with the vax are higher thant those without.

If true, this means that those with the vax are developing ADE, says Malone.

What is anti-body dependent enhancement?

“It’s that the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen the absence of the vaccine; that causes the virus to replicate at higher levels than in the absence of vaccination,”

Malone said that this is the vaccinologist’s worse nightmare.

“If the data is consistent with ADE, we’d have to stop the vaccine campaign, Malone said. ” We’d have to pivot to expediting as much as possible drug treatments which have been largely blocked and suppressed at the FDA level, particularly for repurposed drugs”

Watch it here:

Vaccinations Must Stop If ADE Happening
Vaccinations Must Stop If ADE Happening

4 thoughts on “Vaccinations Must Stop If ADE Happening”

  1. A rumor from an unnamed source is an excuse, not a reason, for not getting vaccinated. I sure hope you (Bill and others reading this) have gotten both your shots, as I have done.

    The liberal press has stereotyped the unvaccinated as loudmouthed rednecks in Maga hats. I’m sitting here with my popcorn waiting to see how they’ll explain the outbreak in Provincetown. I doubt a redneck, any kind of conservative, or even a moderate has lived there anytime in the last 50 years! But from this current outbreak, there are already 210 cases in P’town itself, and 833 that are believed to be part of the cluster as it spreads outward. That’s as of yesterday–there will be more by the time anyone reads this.

    The liberal press needs to abandon its narrative about who the unvaccinated are, look behind numbers that don’t tell anything close to the whole story, and find out the truth. The unvaccinated actually include a big range of people, many of whom will never be reached if those in charge are convinced that they all live out in the “hollers”. People are dying while the reporters defend that hill.

    I don’t support a vaccine mandate, but if we keep seeing new outbreaks, we’ll probably end up with one. Not the way we should go about it, but understandable why it will happen. Our Republican Congressman out here in Purple State Ohio sent out mass e-mailings saying “The Covid Vaccine is Worth a Shot.” Indeed it is…please get yours!

      1. I’ve just been informed by someone who lives there, that Provincetown actually does have some rednecks. Who knew? Not me, and I’ve visited there and not seen any. But then, that was quite a few years ago. And my informant is not blaming the outbreak on them.

        You can make your own decision about getting vaccinated, at least until there’s a mandate, which as I already noted I don’t support. It might come to that, but I hope it doesn’t.

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