Red Carpet Roll Out for Border Crashers

Red Carpet Roll Out for Border Crashers

By Joe Guzzardi

In Washington, D.C., when taxpayers foot the bill, disregard for mounting costs is the norm. Nowhere is that axiom truer than when applied to the border crisis that’s allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter, and then resettle throughout the United States. Overstretched, inflation-embattled taxpayers, who have no voice in the invasion, nevertheless pay for its every step.

The latest: the Department of Homeland Security has deployed federal air marshals to personally escort border crossers and illegal aliens from the U.S./Mexico border processing facilities to Border Patrol agents’ custody before they’re released into the interior. Once released, which happens almost immediately, the aliens receive parole, an immigration status that historically is granted on a case-by-case basis, and to satisfy a humanitarian need or to provide a significant public necessity. President Biden has indiscriminately authorized parole, and the work permission that accompanies it, for thousands of aliens.

Biden has rolled out the red carpet for illegal aliens whose resettled total since his inauguration is estimated at 1.35 million. Not only do the migrants, who learned of Biden’s largesse months ago, demand parole, DHS is considering giving them Immigration Customs and Enforcement-issued identification cards, officially known as the Secure Docket Card, and has permitted 1,000 unlawfully present migrants to use deportation orders as well as civil arrest warrants to board commercial domestic flights. The Transportation Security Administration confirmed that warrants and deportation orders are valid IDs for illegal immigrants.

Moreover, U.S. Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) learned that, before boarding, DHS gives the migrants a packet that includes flight information, Customs and Border Protection Notices to Appear, a list of pro bono legal service providers, maps of major U.S. cities and information on how to obtain legal assistance in Spanish. The packet also explains to the migrants how to enroll their children in school when they reach their destination.

Gooden wondered about the secrecy behind the massive organization required to carry out an invasion the magnitude of the one playing out at the Southwest Border. Other questions that concern Gooden and are shared by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pertain to vetting, accountability, safety and funding.

Red Carpet Roll Out for Border Crashers

Last year, DeSantis’ office said that more than 70 “unannounced” flights into Jacksonville arrived with “no notice,” and therefore he had no ability to block the flights. As a result, a passenger on one of the unannounced flights was a 24-year-old Honduran national who told Border Patrol he was a 17-year-old unaccompanied minor. The Honduran, Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, was arrested and charged with murder last month in Jacksonville for the brutal stabbing death of a Florida man who had taken him in as a tenant. The victim, Francisco Javier Cuellar, 46, was father to four children. Biden’s border policy is to admit migrants who either are or claim to be unaccompanied minors.

Here are a few takeaways: first, the border crisis represents an unprecedented, historic assault on sovereign America. Voters are voiceless on Biden’s immigration agenda. If Biden-style open borders with work authorization for the unlawfully present were to appear on a ballot, it would be overwhelmingly defeated. Only the elite benefit from mass immigration. Second, millions of taxpayer dollars fund open borders and its consequences. Education, medical care and housing are on the taxpayers’ dime.

Third, unless the GOP captures Congress in the mid-term election, and makes good on its promise to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the border invasion and the got-aways will continue at a record-breaking pace until Biden is out of office. By that time, assuming 1.35 million illegal immigrants annually, with about 500,000 got-aways arriving per year too, about 7.4 million aliens will have come criminally to the U.S. with Biden’s blessing.

In a partial win for enforcement advocates and constitutionalists, last month the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Louisiana ruled that the Biden administration has to follow the federal laws put in place by Congress which state that all immigrants who commit certain crimes must be detained and removed. The Biden administration sought to develop its own criminal hierarchy for removal. Compared to the huge numbers surging the border, the victory is small potatoes, especially in light of Biden and Mayorkas’ disregard for long-standing immigration laws. Only the foolhardy would believe that Biden and his team would respect the 5th Circuit Court when they’ve spent 18 months breaking established laws.

Red Carpet Roll Out for Border Crashers

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