Richard Dawkins Kudos

Noted God-hater Richard Dawkins has via Twitter advocated the abortion of unborn people with Downs Syndrome.

It is unfair to refer to Dawkins as an atheist. One as preoccupied with the existence of God as Dawkins is far beyond simple disbelief. Think about it, does the fact that many believe in extraterrestrials throw you into fits of rage? Most of us just smile gently at them.

Still regarding Dawkins tweet about how it is immoral not to abort those with Downs Syndrome, we say kudos.

It’s about time the pro-abortion side started being honest.

“To conclude what I was saying simply follows logically from the ordinary pro-choice stance that most of us, I presume, espouse,” Dawkins elaborated.

Exactly. Convenience guided by utilitarianism must always trump old-fashioned ideas like the sanctity of life.

Pol Pot and Josef Mengele would be quite pleased at how our Western intellectuals have come around to their way of thinking.

And as we are giving out kudos we also have some for columnist Christine Flowers who had an absolutely wonderful article in yesterday’s Delaware County (Pa) Daily Times regarding the sanctity of life.

Richard Dawkins Kudos

Richard Dawkins Kudos

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