Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same

Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same — The odious Richard B. Spencer who has became the face of the “alt right” has the same views about things as Margaret Sanger.

He is a racist, an atheist and supports unrestricted abortion because he feels it means fewer minorities.

Just like Sanger.

He may be right that Obama’s immigration policy was bad news — tell us again what is good about Jihadists living here — but otherwise he completely creeps us out.

He has far more in common with the pro-abortion, atheistic left.  We wouldn’t even be surprised to learn he thought the Second Amendment didn’t apply to blacks — a view historically held by progressive types.

Spencer and Antifa deserve each other.

Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same

Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same

2 thoughts on “Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same”

  1. Bill you goofus, you got it backwards, he’s not the face, he IS (or was) the alt-right. His mentor Paul Gottfried was the one that came up with it!

    What’s happening is that SINCE ‘going national’ (ironically thanks to Hillary decrying his philosophy out one side of her mouth but complimenting it when it comes from a fellow enlightened womyn) he’s losing control of it and others are taking the label FROM him. (Again, thanks to Hillary, who took from it its specific purpose and rendered it a generic all-encompassing label)

    Though, I warn, not all for good reason. There’s some shifty 2-faced weasels like Cernovich in that bunch. Some of those Sudden Trumpeters have an ulterior motive, something to sell on the side.
    Have to keep an eye on those ones, as their involvement was not genuine at the start. (hell, he stated originally that he wants to make the AR into the white BLM, who would that benefit other than the fame it gives to the one leading it?)
    A lot are looking to profit from it, but not all profit is ‘money.’ Let them have their occasional ‘victories over the left’ and using their material, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it makes them your best friend for life. Nor make the mistake of thinking they will all be so open about it as Cernovich, who seems to be here just to sell his book and his supplement pills.

    Actually, Spencer’s youtube channel isn’t all political, I noticed some of them are him trying to work things out monologuing to himself or responding to an event as it happened without spin. He’s probably not as devoted to Gottfried’s grand philosophy as he (and the media would like you to) believes. I get the vibe he’s of the sort that the one right (or wrong) sort of encounter away from drastically changing his stance. A lot of his non-racial writings sound more at home on VDare.

  2. Thanks for the info. When this “alt-right” stuff started I thought “the face” was Milo Yiannopoulos, who I don’t think is a bad person and who was saying some gutsy things that needed to be said.

    Then I started hearing the name “Spencer” being thrown around and I thought they were referring to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch who I admire and who has never written anything racist, and I wonder why people are picking on him.

    Then I find out about Richard Spencer who is scum.

    So I guess it is safe to say that we are anything but authorities here about matters “alt right.”

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