Rush Move To FM Reported

Rush Limbaugh is moving back to FM in Philly where he lived through most of the ’90s  if reports are accurate

It has been confirmed that Premiere Media, which syndicates Rush, will be pulling him off WPHT at 1210AM, which carried him since 1999 when he left WWDB on 96.5 FM, which is now the hip-hop station WRDW.
The reports say that Rush will be moving to 106.9 FM, which had been the local Family Radio station, a network that has fallen on hard times since its owner predicted that the world would end last May 21, and has since been acquired by Merlin Media.
A move to FM means no more annoying static from cell towers while motoring and no more pre-emption from Phillies games.
Michael Smerconish is slated to replace Rush on WPHT, which is a bit of demotion as he will no longer be the station’s evening drive-time guy. 
The reports say that 106.9 will also be carrying former WPHT stars Glen Beck and Sean Hannity.
It sounds like the end of WPHT as we know it.
I think Rush feels fine.

2 thoughts on “Rush Move To FM Reported”

  1. Michael Smerconish?I drew a line through his name and NEVER listen to him,even his commercials!!!
    I will never forgive him for caving in to his buds in the media and trial lawyers,by voting for and pushing OBama last election.Totally full of carp IMO.

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