SEPTA Market Street Common Sense

SEPTA Market Street Common Sense
Going underground on the El.

Today’s observation regarding logic and SEPTA concerns the bus lanes on Market Street in Philadelphia.

You are motoring at a snails pace down Market Street east of City Hall and you find yourself wondering why the right lane is reserved for buses. The subway/el runs the entire length of the street.

Pull the buses off of Market Street and maybe SEPTA would not have been able to cut those  routes nobody was using anyway  so Tom Corbett and the rest of the other-people’s-money spenders in Harrisburg would give them a half billion.

Just an observation.

SEPTA Market Street Common Sense

One thought on “SEPTA Market Street Common Sense”

  1. SEPTA own published operating costs show 2/3 of the expense covered by public funds.

    Cut out the useless lines, the empty schedules and the HUGE cost of collecting fares and the whole thing should be free. Besides all the corruption and inflated compensation packages.

    Think of the boom to the local economy represented by FREE SEPTA.

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