Springfield Press County Press Are No More

Springfield Press County Press Are No More
Press plate for the first edition of the Garnet Valley Press, Sept. 23, 1992.

Springfield Press County Press Are No More — The death of a long-established newspaper is a sad thing but what might be even sadder is when there is no place to put the obituary.

We have been told that the Springfield Pressestablished in 1931; the County Press which traces its origin to the County Leader established in 1932; the Garnet Valley Press founded in 1992; and the News of Delaware County, which traces to the Upper Darby News which if memory serves also started in the 1930s, are no more.

All were weeklies serving Delaware County in suburban Philadelphia. They have been consolidated by Digital First Media,  the corporate owners of  Delaware County News Network, into something called the News and Press of Delaware County. 


Springfield Press County Press Are No More

2 thoughts on “Springfield Press County Press Are No More”

  1. Well I remember these publications under the Father/Son team of editors, the Bill Lawrences, Sr. and Jr.
    These two gentlemen contributed as much to the continuing operation of a free press as they did to meeting those needs for which a free and un-prostituted press is most necessary. Well done to both of you!
    Sadly, it seems that RIP applies not only to the County Press and other such publications, but also to real, unbiased, investigative journalism.
    What now of the First Amendment and Freedom of the Press?

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