Surprise (Not): Inky Mentions GOP In Scandal Story

The top story in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer involved the filing of corruption charges by Attorney General Tom Corbett against former Senate Majority Leader John Perzel and nine other Republicans.

And it was topest story I’ve seen in the Inky in a long time, with a four-column double-deck headline and a subhead and big three column picture and a big, bold pull out and a couple of sidebars.

And yes, as I predicted,  it mentioned that  those charged where Republicans several times – including in the pull out and in one of sidebar headlines.

I was wrong, though, that the Inky would fail to mention that Corbett was a Republican. One of the sidebars concerned how the rest of the party was going to take vengeance by not helping him in his bid for governor.

Frankly, I think Corbett is going to get all the help he wants and is now the front-runner. He is my choice right now.

One of the funniest aspect of the coverage is John Baer’s column about Perzel: The Fumo-ish fall of an unsubtle pol.

Baer, and the Inky, still couldn’t bring themselves to point out that Vince Fumo was a big-time Democrat.

If the Inquirer handled the far more common Democratic scandals and groups like ACORN in the same manner as they handled these charges, the state would be much better off.

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