Tahmir Craig Case Black Eye For Whelan

Tahmir Craig Case Black Eye For Whelan — Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan announced in a press conference yesterday, March 20,  that he was dropping the case against Tahmir Craig whom he had charged with first degree murder for the May 28 killing of Devon Williams in Chester.

It turns out that Craig had a strong alibi and that he was six-inches too short to have been the shooter who was captured on video.

Craig had spent the last 10 months in the county lockup.

Whelan appears to be expecting some pats on the back for, well, deciding against trying to send this young man — Craig is 23 — to  the execution gurney.

“As prosecutors in the administration of justice, we have an absolute
duty to exhaust all resources in our efforts to pursue the truth,”
Whelan said.

The pats on the back are not going to come from here.

Craig was arrested after tips came  to police that the shooter was named “Tahmir”. Police checked a police data base and Craig’s name came up. They thought his picture sorta looked like the one on the video, and witnesses picked him out of a photo array.

Bingo! Case solved!

You would think, though, that due diligence by trained professionals would involve checking alibis and determining heights before filing charges, and that a private attorney would not need to be hired to insist on these rather basic things being done before one tries to send a young man to his death and requires him to spend nearly a year in prison.

You know the real killer is still out there, right, Jack?


Tahmir Craig Case Black Eye For Whelan

Tahmir Craig Case Black Eye For Whelan

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