Tax Hike Vote In Pa House Tomorrow

Tax Hike Vote In Pa House TomorrowTax Hike Vote In Pa House Tomorrow — The Pennsylvania House has scheduled a vote for tomorrow, Dec.19,  regarding the budget already approved by the State Senate which includes hiking the income tax from 3.08 percent to 3.3 percent.

According to various sources also it expands the sales tax to digital downloads and movies, adds a tax on e-cigarettes, hikes the cigarette tax 75 cents over two years — note: this very well might mean Pennsylvania loses money — and increases business filing fees for C-Corps to $600.
It is reported that Delaware County representatives Bill Adolph (165), Steve Barrar (160) and Nick Micarelli (162) will be among the Republicans voting for it. Frankly, considering the chaos that Gov. Wolf and his ego has caused this state we’d almost be inclined to give them a pass. But we can’t. It appears none of the underlying causes  such as incredibly out-of-control pensions and corrupt public work regulations that are among the things responsible for the state’s severe fiscal problems are going to be addressed.

If these men vote for a tax hike while failing to address the root causes of our crisis they should hang their heads in shame and their voters should not forget what they’ve done.

Steve Barrar has said he doesn’t think the (mild) pension reform on the table  would be upheld by our judges. Considering the results of the recent election he has a point. The point he’s missing, however, is that if our judges rule as he expects — which would be wrongly and corruptly — the reform is still not merely right but necessary.

And that means we have to fight. The power of the purse is a legitimate and rather gentle means of doing so. It is immoral to ask working people to bail out former Penn State President Rodney Erickson’s $477,591 pension.

If this point is hammered often enough even corrupt judges will get the message.

Tax Hike Vote In Pa House Tomorrow

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