Tea Party Problems For Pileggi

State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi’s (R-9)  bid to replace incumbent Democrat Bob Casey in the U.S. Senate is not warming the cockles of the hearts of some Tea Partyers this Christmas season.

Montco activist Bob Guzzardi has sent an email blast saying that Pileggi is “The Establishment’s Guy” and noting that he has a perfect rating with the National Federation of Independent Business  (a small business advocacy group) and a 75 percent rating with the AFL-CIO.

Frankly, that’s a rather impressive trick.

Lisa Esler of the Delaware County Patriots has published a list of problems with Pileggi which note, among other things, that he has neither adequately addressed the crushing burdens of teacher strikes in  Pennsylvania nor the ever-increasing burden of public pensions.

In fact, some suspect he has been keeping these issues from being addressed.

While I do think Pileggi has his good points, one does kind of wonder why the fair and commonsense reforms that would make life a lot easier for the average Pennsylvanian never seem to happen in this state.

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