Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald

Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald — Way back it was said that the Russians “colluded” with Donald Trump to win the presidency.

Serious stuff. An investigation was needed. So where has it led? To the claim that Trump and his lawyer violated some arcane election law to pay off a couple of women who claimed to have sexual affairs with him a decade-plus ago.

Ahhh Donald, you should have just killed her cat and threatened her kids.

But in this day and age are old liaisons really a scandal? To hear some of these morons, you’d think it was like selling missile secrets to China as Clinton buddy Bernie Schwartz did. The Justice (cough) Department, of course, investigated and exonerated Schwartz. Treason doth never prosper
after all.

Or how about selling defense tech to Iran as did billionaire Clinton-backer Marc Rich? Rich was indicted but escaped earthly justice when Slick pardoned him.

Rich had passed a lot of lucre to the corrupt couple from Arkansas. An investigation was demanded. Who was tasked with running it? Why none other than James Comey.  Good dog that he is, he found nothing and was well rewarded.

And what ever happened to former New Jersey senator and governor Jon Crozine after $1.2 billion disappeared from the the company he ran? He got fined $5 million — no big deal considering his net worth — but no jail time. The connected take care of their own.

And then there is Clinton pal Jeff Epstein, who we have been writing about since 2010.  Epstein got a slap on the wrist for molesting young girls after the feds took over the prosecution from local authorities.

Trump, by the way, banned Epstein from Mar-Al-Lago after receiving complaints about Epstein’s behavior.

The people who have spent the last four decades treating this country as their personal piggy bank while laughing at conservative mores have lined up against Trump. That’s all you need to know regarding why you should keep backing him.

Hey, has anyone seen Chappaquiddick yet?

Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald


Threatened Swamp Pulls Out All Stops Against The Donald


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