Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races

By Bob Small

Melissa Hart is the sole woman in the Pennsylvania governors’ race. A former GOP congresswoman from outside Pittburgh, she describes herself as a “practical problem solver”.  It should be noted that the red “learn more” button on her campaign site doesn’t move no matter how many times you press it, so you have to learn more from other sources, which you should do anyway; in other words, don’t trust the campaign website only.

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races
Melissa Hart

 Ms. Hart served from 2001 to 2007 as the first female Republican from Pennsylvania to serve in Congress. She is probably the closest we will get to a “moderate Republican”, although she is solidly anti-abortion.

On the Senate side, there is Kathy Barnette, who is among the top three candidates, and about whom much has already been written, and Carla Sands who is polling around 6 percent. 

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races
Kathy Barnette

Upon the passing of her husband, Fred Sands, in 2015, she assumed the leadership of his company and became the first woman to serve as chair and CEO of Vintage Capital Group.

In 2017, President Trump appointed her as ambassador to Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races
Carla Sands

As an actress, she made 15 appearances in the TV soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful.  She also appeared in a few movies, including Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell (1988) as Carissa.  

She is one of the wealthiest candidates in this race, having recently sold two homes for a combined $32 million.

She sees herself as the best candidate to beat John Fetterman, saying about Mehmet Oz “he actually chose as an American citizen to go fight for Turkey in the Turkish Military, not the American military” and Dave McCormick as being “closer to Beijing than to DC”.

Hopefully, we will get to a point where we forget to mention a candidate’s gender .

Three Women In Two Pennsylvania State-wide Races

2 thoughts on “Three Women And Two Pennsylvania Races”

  1. We have to look at who will be able to beat the Democrat. Melissa Hart cannot. Shapiro has no respect for women and he will do anything to win. Shapiro has no respect for anyone actually, so we need a candidate that will fight back in kind. Either Barletta or White could beat Shapiro.

    Mastriano is meek and has no real taste for the fight. If he did, he would have already been talking about Shapiro’s deeds and bad character. But just like with Wolf, when Doug had info he could have brought out against him, Doug instead chose to play “Where’s Waldo.”

    McSwain was a disgrace and instead of showing leadership, he caved to Bill Barr.

    This brings me to another point. Thank all veteran’s for their service in the military, but please remember that while in the military, they were following orders. Not a skill we need for a governor. Even 30-year veteran, Mastriano still bowed to Lt. Gen’l Flynn at his own event. When asked to be in the picture along with Flynn, Mastriano apologized to Flynn. Why? I asked Doug. His response: He’s a general, I was just a colonel. You are a civilian, Doug, not Flynn’s subordinate. From whom will Mastriano, or any other veteran running for office, be taking orders?

    1. As far as Kathy Barnette goes, well we have been reading the revelations about her, haven’t we? And that she was a veteran also means she is very good at taking orders, not thinking for herself. In fact, during her previous race for Congress, she was taking orders from Liz Havey. Liz is the chair of the MCRC who only endorses those candidates who do what she tells them to do. By the way, as most of you are already aware, Liz is looking forward to Shapiro’s win so the AG position will be vacated. Liz wants to be AG in the worst way.

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