Trump Battles Vote Fraud — Remember Michigan Recount

Trump Battles Vote Fraud — President Trump has implied that vote fraud was the cause of his popular vote loss last November and oh how the establishment propagandists are having a cow.

One reporter asked Sean Spicer at yesterday’s (Jan. 24) press conference if the president is going to ask for an investigation into the matter.

Well, yes. Yes he is.

Vote fraud obviously happens and the reason why rather mild commonsense attempts to minimize it are shouted down is because those doing the shouting want it to continue.

For Pete’s sake, you need a photo ID to get into Costco.

With that said, we have concluded that photo ID is not the best hill upon which to fight.

A better one here in the Keystone State would be to giving poll watchers state-wide access rather than be restricted to the county in which they live. For some reasons, Democrats — especially those in Philly — are opposed to this mild reform just as they were to photo ID.

And for those sneering at Spicer and Trump, remember when Jill Stein got a recount to challenge Trump’s win in Michigan? The recount was stopped two days after it started only after major, almost laughable, irregularities were found in Detroit, which overwhelmingly supported Clinton.

Just a coincidence we are sure. Trump Battles Vote Fraud

Trump Battles Vote Fraud



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