Trump Outrage Misses Point

Donald Trump said, Monday, Dec. 7, that there should be a ban on Muslim immigration until we find out “what the hell is going on” in the Muslim community and oh did the outrage machine get in gear. Well, the Trump outrage misses point.

Here is today’s front page of the New York Daily News.

Trump Outrage Misses Point

Golly what incisive commentary. The Donald is beheading the Statue of Liberty with a scimitar. If The Donald carried around a scimitar we sure wouldn’t want him as president, much less if he beheaded people. Actually, if he beheaded people and put it on YouTube we would want him banned from the country.

Here is yesterday’s front page of the Philadelphia Daily News.

Trump Outrage Misses Point

We should just invoke Godwin’s Law  and make Trump president. But let’s not. Let’s just point out  that, unlike with Christianity and Judaism,  Hitler never tried to wipe out Islam. He actually kind of liked it. Some say it even inspired him.

Trump Outrage Misses Point

Even the Delaware County Daily Times feels obliged to defend the poor oppressed sect of head choppers. Delco Muslims Discount Trump Because They Have Faith in America their front page screams. Do the Delco Muslims have faith in our history of tolerance of dissenting views? Or do they have faith that our social events make for a lot of fat targets? We wonder.

And that gets us to the point. If piracy, violence and terror were not granted permission by a religious document there would be no call for a ban on immigration for those who accept the authority of such a document which are those who called themselves Muslim. If the sect had a reputation for merely praying seven times a day and then passing flowers to passersby there would no controversy. Is there anyone calling for an immigration ban on Buddhists? Hindus? Didn’t think so.

This is not a religious dispute about the nature of God or even His existence. This is an existential philosophical battle.

Our nation was founded on the values of certain unalienable right bestowed upon all individuals by our Creator. This dovetails very nicely with, and is in fact based upon, the  value  of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Philosophies that conflict with this must be and will invariably be fought and we would be fools to welcome those who hold such conflicting philosophies.

And for the record it should be noted that Trump is not calling for a permanent ban. It’s rather bad journalism to imply otherwise.

Trump Outrage Misses Point


6 thoughts on “Trump Outrage Misses Point”

  1. Wellsaid,Bill.
    I also find amusing that Mayor Nutter doesn’t want Trump to come to Philadelphia;
    yet,Philadelphia, a “sanctuary city” welcomes with open arms illegal immigrants.

  2. The media continues it downward spiral in having any credibility. Even non-Trump supporters are warming up to him.

  3. Bill, Thanks for stating the obvious and what the majority of Americans believe, or at least sense viscerally. Only the terminally brain dead, politically correct, among us, including the media, as orchestrated by our anti-American president, refuse to accept the existential danger we face.

    Whitey Coyne

  4. It would have been SO MUCH better, and more sensible, if Trump had said we should not take in any refugees until we know what’s going on. THAT is reasonable, and I think that most people would accept that. What he DID say is unacceptable, and unfortunately he is continuing to please the Democrats with his escalating outrageous statements. I am NOT a Trump supporter and I am NOT warming up to him — not one bit — quite the contrary. The man is arrogant and will destroy any chance for the Republicans to win in 2016 if he continues in his current path.

    1. Joanne Yurchak,
      Ummm, I think he did say that : “Donald Trump said, Monday, Dec. 7, that there should be a ban on Muslim immigration until we find out “what the hell is going on” in the Muslim community”

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