Trump Respect For Military In One Meme

Trump Respect For Military In One Meme— With the desperate unsourced claims by Deep State snakes and their professional propagandists about President Trump disparaging the military we’d thought we save a thousand words and share this picture.

Trump Respect For Military In One Meme
Trump Respect For Military In One Meme

2 thoughts on “Trump Respect For Military In One Meme”

  1. These two pictures do save 1000 words, plus two keep Trump.
    Why do people keep falling for lefty politicians lies, and all their promises to bankrupt the country, with green schemes and giving back tax dollars for everyone to “live better” while it is only for them and their trusts getting richer. Bringing in the globalists forced migration and Kalergi which they are now claiming is a conspiracy theory (even though it was part way responsible for the second world war). Realize that their goal is to reduce the worlds population by billions so we need to be wiping each other out. ETC. …
    Mean while I wish to thank you all for again protecting Canada from the Russians flying around our north again and almost hitting a USA B-52 on their way out, we really need a Pres. Trump up here as we are beginning to think our foreign puppet PM Trudeau and his nasty lefty gangs with their green schemes and shutting down Canada is now possibly selling Canada to China’s CCP. as many here believe the last two elections were fixed, there is really only one way to stop this now, sadly. 2/3rds, of Canadians are lefties, and as we keep being told, the happiest countries in the world are socialist, our education once excellent is now sadly lacking.

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