Trump Second Term, A Speculative Fiction

Trump Second Term, A Speculative Fiction

By Bob Small

Now that I’ve joined a monthly third Friday fiction writers group, this requires me to read other’s fiction. Mostly it is speculative fiction. The perpetually unfinished novel I’m working on, for instance, has to do with President Gore’s wars

But that’s not what this is about.

What, I thought, if Donald Trump had been the declared winner rather than what’s his name? It led to what is called a writing prompt. To quote Dana Loesch: “Trump did have some good ideas, I still despise him. Biden is no better for this country, maybe much worse.”

Trump Second Term, A Speculative Fiction

Here’s some of what popped in my head:

Foreign Affairs– 46 would continued his rapprochement with North Korea. Also we would have had a more nuanced relationship with Russia. On the other hand, our relationships with Western Europe, NATO and the UN would remain rocky.

January 6th-One speculates that there would still of been a January 6th, with a similar level of violence, perhaps, but the names of Antifa and RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) would have entered the pages of history instead.

Voter ID legislation-Since the perception was that the GOP voted in person and the Dems by mail, the Democrats would be the ones supporting Voter ID, especially in our own state assuming we had turned Red.

Congress-Almost nothing would get through Congress, though there would be continual efforts to impeach 46, as he would now be called, If at first you don’t succeed….

Energy-By the time Trump left office the United States was the top exporter for oil and LNG.”From Dana Loesch’s Substack Chapter and Verse: Trump was good for energy if you’re a climate change denier who sees coal and oil as eternally renewable.

Pro Choice/Pro Life-The battle for the Supreme Court’s soul would continue with neither side listening to each other. Eventually 46 would probably appoint enough conservative Judges to tilt the balance to repeal Roe V Wade.

Covid-He would get more critical of Anthony Fauci, doing everything he could outside of directly firing him. He might even read RFK Jr’s book.

46 would claim Executive Privilege when possible.

The Democrats blame the Democrat Sanders. He would try to blame the Greens if he could remember who their candidate was.

By the end of the first year, some GOP might start quietly looking for an alternative.

Trump Second Term, A Speculative Fiction

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