Trump Train Rolls Out Of Cleveland

Trump Train Rolls
Uniter not a divider.

Trump Train Rolls — With the Republican Convention over, all should be on the Trump train unless, perhaps, one is a government civil employee or otherwise milking the public cow.

Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, last night, was long, substantive, extraordinarily unifying  and consistent what he had been saying for the last 16 months. Trump has been remarkably consistent, in fact, regarding what he thinks is wrong with the country and how he plans to fix things.

The scary thing is that the simple, common-sense solutions he advocates have not merely been ignored for the last two decades but out-and-out condemned by our political and media leaders.

Also remarkable were Trump’s children. We cannot recall any candidate’s child ever giving such detailed, meaningful conventions speeches, much less three of them.

Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka are products of the first marriage so give a hand to Ivana, too.

The most significant speech, last night, apart from Trump’s, was made by Silicon Valley businessman Peter Thiel, who baldly said he was proudly gay.

Theil also baldly said that “fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline.”

And this baldly applies to those pushing incredibly stupid and unpopular laws that would open public ladies rooms to all and make businesses unmanageable by drastically increasing the protected class  when they should have been fighting for pension reform and to keep an unbalanced budget from passing.

Are you listening Scott Wagner?

Trump Train Rolls

One thought on “Trump Train Rolls Out Of Cleveland”

  1. Great entertainment. Best convention ever. The Donald has my vote. Cleveland should be proud.

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