Uh Oh Chongo, Court Says Pa. Must Move $800M To MCare

Commonwealth Court, today , ruled that Pennsylvania most move $800 million into the MCare Fund , set up in 2002 to help defray malpractice insurance costs for the state’s medical professionals. The vote was 4-1 with the dissenter Judge Dan Pellegrini, not citing law but expediency and class envy namely that the budget is now out of balance and the doctors will get money.

Money was transferred from the fund last fall to end the 101-day budget impasses and avoid making massive cuts in state spending.

Even with the transfer, a huge budget deficit — some estimate it at $1 billion — was looming.

And this doesn’t even take into account the soon-to-hit pension crisis .

Gov. Rendell has said he will appeal which would be to state Supreme Court.

With regard to Judge Pellegrini, I hope he is as comfortable with expediency when it comes to his own pension since some cold-blooded expediency in that matter might be the only that that keeps regular working folks from serious suffering.

Hat tip to GrassrootsPa.Com

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