2 thoughts on “UN Declares War On Dangerous Conspiracy Theories”

  1. The UN is correct. The Global Elite is very open about their manipulation. Nothing secret about it!

  2. WOW, if you can find it still this was all on their own UN site? What is with the UN’s WHO trying to control every countries health making countries sign on to this farce, oh no not world control? Or worse their placed not elected (elections are fraud) puppet leaders, with the UN’s WEF, the people complain but many of the judges have been bought out? Or the UN’s IMF trying hard to take all our money? Or worse all their corrupted human rights total lies and laws made in all countries they can force them into their world wide LGBTQ++++ laws then their CRT forced into the schools and Armed Forces being “woke” instead of awake and prepared or educated, or their gun control etc. etc. is this all conspiracy theory, no the UN and cancerous UN run divisions are behind it all. Oh and lets not forget their environmental larks and lies and 15 minute cities, vac. passports and their permission to travel and the hate and injuries they have caused the good common folk, especially if Christian etc. etc. etc. and now their bigger control of our freedom of speech and thoughts?

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