US Assisting Child Traffickers Whistleblower Says

US Assisting Child Traffickers Whistleblower Says — Project Veritas has released an interview with a government whistleblower who claims that Biden Administration is knowingly sending children to be used as sex or labor slaves.

Tara Lee Rodas of The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency says the unaccompanied minors taken at the Mexican border are fed and clothed by our authorities then flown directly to a trafficker at US taxpayer expense.

The fig leaf is that the trafficker is someone who who will allegedly care for the child, often pretending to be a family member. The child has a note with the name of the person on them for our border authorities to find.

She said 44 children have been sent to just one address alone in Texas. Project Veritas went to several of these addresses and found young children living with multiple unrelated men.

Lara Logan described the same thing in an interview with Diamond and Silk.

Yes, the government knows this is going on. Yes, the government doesn’t care.

Can you say sick and evil?

Can you ask why we are not stopping it?

Will you feel shame if you voted for this bunch?

A child being sex trafficked has a life expectancy of two years.

Here’s the Project Veritas story.

US Assisting Child Traffickers Whistleblower Says

US Assisting Child Traffickers Whistleblower Says

One thought on “US Assisting Child Traffickers Whistleblower Says”

  1. That is why these things running our government need to all be fully publicly investigated before they are able to run or work in our governments. With these computers and bought out medias they wipe their records clean so it is almost impossible to find out anything that is true on them. This used to be law, but ignored now. The super ultra mega rich “own outright” all the sick puppets they need for their takeover and destruction of the world. Yes they are all very perverted sick and evil, they do care though it is the way they want it to continue, look at our non education system that took real building blocks to create. They have almost taken over all of the Americas now, no one thought the USA would ever fall or fail to stop this hateful state we all have collapsed let them destroy us for their pleasure.

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