VA Website Never Updated

The  Department of Veterans Affairs has not updated its website concerning testimony before Congress since March 21, 2011 albeit clicking the link “Complete List of VA Testimony before Congressional Committees” will take one to Dec. 2, 2011.

Further, the VA has not updated its veterans legislation page since the 111th Congress which was in session 2009-2010.

Wonder why is that.

We discovered this strange change of policy while searching for Carolyn Lerner’s testimony before the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee on July 8.

Ms. Lerner heads the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. She testified  that her office was examining 67 claims of retaliation by VA supervisors against employees who filed whistleblower complaints. She said that they have come from 28 states and 45 separate facilities, and are still coming in daily.  She said there has been 25 complaints filed since June 1.

This is a serious scandal. That it is seriously under-reported is as big a scandal.

Fortunately you can find her testimony on C-Span as per below:



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VA Website Never Updated

VA Website Never Updated

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