Vax Tweet Gets Stew Peters Banned

Vax Tweet Gets Stew Peters Banned — Stew Peters of Red Voice Media says he was banned from Twitter after posting this:

Vax Tweet Gets Stew Peters Banned

So the White House, The CDC, The FDA, Moderna, Pfizer, the World Health Organization, and Johnson & Johnson don’t require you to have a vaccine to keep you job but the cube farm at which you work does?

Certainly is interesting to know. Wonder why Twitter doesn’t want you to.

While we confirmed the White House doesn’t have a vax mandate, we couldn’t find anything specific or up-to-date about the others. If Twitter had left this up, it may have been quickly debunked. Taking is almost an admission that it is true.

Vax Tweet Gets Stew Peters Banned

3 thoughts on “Vax Tweet Gets Stew Peters Banned”

  1. I believe this is true. Who would know better than these organizations that the vax is not just ineffective, but also dangerous?

  2. That made me laugh till I cryed, still have the tears in my eyes. Thank you I needed that laugh. Banned from twitter for this is amazing I do not know why anyone goes on twitter or face book they are anti truth. I read some propaganda MSM lefty news just to see what they are “glooming and dooming” lying about now, or continuing wailing on about, how dark they are but I would not waste my time with fb or those tweeters, makes me too sad for our societies, but maybe if more comments like this one were on it I might like it better.

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