Victor Thorn Penn State Summation Was Brilliant

Victor Thorn Penn State Summation Was Brilliant — We came across this article from June 22, 2012 that may be the best summation of events concerning the Sandusky scandal at Penn State and is well worth reading.

Victor Thorn Penn State Summation Was Brilliant
Victor Thorn connected the dots in Sandusky story.

It appeared in American Free Press and the reporter who did such an exceptional job was Victor Thorn.

Thorn found connections with what happened in Happy Valley to the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska via former Penn State President Graham Spanier, who championed some rather twisted events at PSU apart from the hidden things.

He also puts on the record how promised revelations of a greater scandal involving Sandusky pimping boys to the very rich vanished without a peep.

He further explains how Joe Paterno was a scapegoat and far from the villain depicted by the establishment media.

Unlike Tom Corbett.

The article is especially poignant as Thorn died, Aug. 1, an official suicide. He had a book coming out critical of Clintons. Some are deeming his death suspicious and adding him to the Clinton Body Count.

For the record, his family and friends accept the official version and don’t think the Clintons had anything to do with it. Of course the Clintons wouldn’t have anything to do with the disappearance of Ray Gricar either but never mind that.

And also for the record, Thorn — real name Scott Robert Makufka — was a 9/11 truther and Holocaust denier. Dang, though, did he get Penn State right.

Finally for the record, we love life and are not suicidal.

Victor Thorn Penn State Summation Was Brilliant

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