Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make War

Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make War

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The Civil War was begun by Democrats angry at the election of the very first Republican president and afraid he would remove their right to own black men women and children who  fled the union ( the very first fleebaggers ).

WW I — Democrat president

WW II — Democrat president

Korean War — Democrat president

Vietnam  — first aid sent to the French by Harry Truman. Democrat John F. Kennedy committed troops on a significant scale and Democrat Lyndon Johnson  faked the Gulf of Tonkin incident to involve us in a full-scale war.

It was a Democrat (Truman) who became the first and only man to use nuclear weapons against humans — mostly civilians — twice

It  was a Democrat (FDR) who with Special Order 9066 imprisoned tens of thousands of American citizens based on race.

The very first Republican president freed the slaves. The very first Democrat president gave us the trail of tears

In all the Democrat wars we have about 1.2 million dead American
service men and women In all Republican wars less than 20,000.

Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make WarWe will certainly grant that Aggie95 is  not trying to be fair  — albeit his claims are verifiable so we can’t accuse him of hyperbole — or take into account context, but this is certainly something to print out and put in your wallet for the next time some self-proclaimed caring “progressive” starts bringing up Republican sins. Or perhaps save to a text file for a Facebook discussion.

Vote Democrat, Support Tyranny, Make War

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