White House Deaf To Immigration Alarm Bells

White House Deaf To Immigration Alarm Bells

By Joe Guzzardi

Showing complete indifference to his party’s fate, President Joe Biden is doing all he can to damage Democrats’ chances for election in the upcoming mid-terms and his re-election in 2024. Biden’s resolute determination to harm the Democrats may be explained several ways. At age 79, Biden has achieved his lifelong goal of becoming president. After at least two failed efforts in 1988 and 2008, and possibly a third failure, depending on how the facts are interpreted from 1984, Biden is finally in the White House.

Another possible explanation is that Biden knows Democratic leadership considers him, at best, inconsequential, and that Barack Obama is still embraced as the party’s hero. Biden has no reason to care about his fellow Democrats’ fate if they’re indifferent to him. At a White House event to celebrate Obamacare’s 12th anniversary, Biden wandered alone and aimlessly as his apathetic Democratic colleagues flocked giddily around Obama. But perhaps the most obvious reason explains everything. At age 79, Biden is too old to care about his 2024 political future. He’s climbed the White House Mountain; no taller summit remains to conquer.

White House Deaf To Immigration Alarm Bells

Perhaps the best indicator of Biden’s reelection disinterest is his refusal to heed his personal, confidential polling firm’s advice on the key issues that concern the nation, specifically immigration and inflation. A New York Timesarticle, “Biden Received Early Warnings that Inflation and Immigration Could Erode his Support,” shows the president has recklessly and lawlessly pressed ahead on open borders and illegal immigration.

Early on in his presidency, according to the article, Biden enjoyed strong national support, but his favorability quickly eroded as the border crisis intensified. The John Anzalone-headed research team found that because voters feel that Biden and his deputies are clueless when it comes to designing a plan to combat the festering border crisis, immigration represents an intensifying vulnerability for the president. Biden’s failure to slow migration is, the pollsters concluded, “starting to take a toll.” As early as last spring, when trafficked unaccompanied minors strained Health and Human Services capacities, pollsters warned that “immigration is the only issue where the president’s ratings are worse with our targets than with voters overall.” And on July 9, “President Biden continues to hold weaker, negative ratings on two hot-button issues [immigration and crime] that have been recently bubbling up.”

Despite his pollster’s immigration red flags, and the unanimous national consensus that Vice President Kamala Harris’ discover-the-root-causes solution to migration is a bad joke played on U.S. citizens, on May 23, Biden intends to lift Title 42, which has been an important tool in turning away illegal border crossers for health reasons. A Louisiana federal judge’s temporary restraining order that the administration has agreed to honor may delay Title 42’s removal. But if Title 42 is shelved, DHS officials anticipate 18,000 illegal immigrants a day will flood the border.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced what he optimistically labeled as a plan to cope with the historic surge. The costly concept includes spending more taxpayer money on medical support, and more funding for air and ground transportation to release the migrants into the interior from the border. As a footnote to its plan, DHS added that it will use Expedited Removal more frequently. Border agents scoff at the mere suggestion that ER will be a useful tool. Once aliens claim fear of persecution if returned home, an ER converts to a notice to appear which migrants rarely honor. Migrants are spreading the word among each other that the keys to getting U.S. residency are the words, “Fear of Persecution.”

The Times story misses the point, perhaps purposely, about Biden and his cronies. The administration didn’t need to pay taxpayer funds to a professional pollster to advise it that Americans are unhappy. Biden et al don’t care. The arrival of mostly poor, unskilled, limited English-speaking aliens from 150 nations through mass immigration is a fundamental elitist goal. While the 2022 mid-terms and congressional control may be at risk in the short-term, the long-term picture that will erase the middle-class and end American sovereignty looks rosy to the Biden administration.

PFIR analyst Joe Guzzardi writes about immigration issues and impacts. Contact him at jguzzardi@pfirdc.org.

White House Deaf To Immigration Alarm Bells

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  1. Get them all into the military, get them well trained cause this WEF puppet government and globalists are trying hard to get WW3 going it sure looks like with their placed WEF Zelinsky. China, Iran, Cuba, many other small countries and even possibly India are ready and armed to the teeth to jump in and help Russia again it sure looks like it more and more. Russia tried the UN peacemaking to stop the Ukraine from wiping out their Russian citizens who have lived for centuries in the East of Ukraine, a new country in the last thirty years.
    So if the WEF puppets globalist placed get this war really going, and Russia has the most nukes in the world, and is now threatening to use them if we keep adding weapons and worse to this excursion to save people who speak Russian living for the last thirty years in the new country of Ukraine who has been wanting Russian speakers out, taking everything off them even their lives. Although denying it they Ukrainians are mostly Nazi’s and fought with and for the German Nazi’s in WW2. even though Russia fought on our side against Germany. Here in Canada the Ukrainians have Nazi rallies while our Ukrainian born Deputy Prime Minister stands with them holding a Ukrainian Nazi flag, she was already banned from Russia long before being elected here, and of course these pictures of her are all being covered up but the almost banned now “truthful” media “True North” used the picture You Tube took it down and of course our bought out WEF MSM propaganda news.
    So Yes the globalist Totalitarians WEF puppet UN all want a huge war to kill off billions of us they all hope so train all these UN forced refugees to fight for the US, instead of them replacing us all as they keep saying they want to do to colonial Canadians and I think I read somewhere that WEF wants to do the same in the USA, no borders. Although these poor people have already suffered extensively at the hands of these same UN globalist people now destroying our lives, sadly.

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