Wuhan Flu Thoughts March 23

Wuhan Flu Thoughts March 23 — So Katie, here is our latest observation regarding the Wuhan Bat-eater Flu.

Humble bow to President Xi

Nontransparent commie he may be .

As we noted March 12, you should not be afraid and enjoy life. Granted you may have to enjoy life with a video game but they can be fun.

To be less facetious, these are historic times but that may be a good thing. The attempt to minimize suffering and death is unprecedented. The last time this sort of thing happened between 500,000 and 675,000 Americans died in a population a third the size of today.

If the policies put in place by the federal, state and local governments work, the defeat of this pandemic will truly be historic.

Wuhan Flu Thoughts March 23
Wuhan Flu Thoughts March

3 thoughts on “Wuhan Flu Thoughts March 23”

  1. How long does it take to break a bad habit?

    Most will say about 30 days.

    America basically on lockdown.

    Kids home / homeschooling

    Workers who can working from home.

    Less driving from everyone.

    No Sportsball

    No Music festivals

    No Movie theatres

    No Restaurants.

    Everyone spending time at home with family.

    I feel that America itself is being de-programmed / re-programmed.

    They says also it takes about the same amount of time to form a new habit.

    How many people will instantly go back to doing what they did before vs. how many will somewhat stick with the “new norm”?

    Will this way of living become somewhat normal now? (not via forced lockdowns permanent, but because we got re-programmed to think differently)

  2. Parents have their kids home from the public schools.

    They can teach them civics, American history and The Bible again. Why would they ever want to give them back to indoctrination again.

    The churches may be closed but prayer is alive and well in school again! This is a Blessing AND a wake up call. How we respond is up to us. May Providence be our guide!

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