Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

By Olivia Braccio 

You hear it every four years: “This upcoming election is the most important one of our lives!” But what we’re going to face this November isn’t an election—it’s another epic battle in an ongoing fight to preserve our God-given rights, our freedoms, and everything else that makes America great.

Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

War is being waged against the nation. But not by an enemy territory. The horrifying reality is that this attempted destruction of life as we know it is coming from our own elected officials. Their intent is to ruin this nation from the inside out. We have never seen anything like the past five months of oppression. Personally, I did not even know it was possible for legislature to impose these types of restrictions anywhere, let alone in a first-world country in the 21st century. If you’re alarmed by what you’re experiencing, good. It means you’re paying attention. Now pay attention on Nov. 3. People are focused on Trump and Biden, and anyone who knows me knows that there is nothing I could ever want more than for Trump and Pence to win a second term. But what many don’t realize is that your local candidates in your congressional, senatorial, and state representative districts have much more to do with your personal lives than the president. These are the people speaking for you and making decisions for you. You need to find out who they are and what they stand for.

If you’re still not convinced that the liberal agenda is being foisted upon unsuspecting members of society, or you believe it can’t affect you directly, check out one of the latest and particularly disturbing brainchildren currently being birthed by members of the Left. A Satanic temple is coming to Marple. This is not a joke. I wish it were. I brought this to our fifth district congressional candidate, Dasha Pruett’s attention a couple days ago and I know you will find it as unsettling as both she and I did. Fifth district residents, this specifically impacts YOU, and you know the incumbent, Mary Gay Scanlon, is not going to lift a finger to put a stop to it. According to a Patch article I came across giving the details of this project, it states that DelCo residents “shouldn’t be alarmed” and that the focus is an “altruistic, charitable” mission. A man named Joseph Rose, who founded Satanic DelCo back in February, is proposing its development. Yes, there actually is an organization called Satanic DelCo, and if you’re a Delaware County resident who didn’t know about this, I am truly sorry to be the one to inform you.

None of this makes any sense at all. Explain to me how a person can perform acts of altruism or charity in the name of Satan. And if a person truly is interested in giving back to their community, why would they even consider seeking an opportunity to do so from a Satanic temple? Why not a food pantry, an animal shelter, or a crisis pregnancy center? Something is off about this.

This is the kind of lunacy being promoted, and our job for the next three and a half months is to unify against it. It is no longer Republicans against Democrats. It’s logic and reason against senselessness. It’s people who care about the community around them against people who want to serve themselves at the expense of others.

Democrats, I’d like to address you directly here. Seeing as Dasha will need at least some of you currently living in her district to vote for her in order to unseat Mary Gay Scanlon, I’d like to take a minute to reach out to you and ask you to consider something: What if there had never been any such thing as political party? I know it sounds absurd; bear with me for one minute. What if political candidates ran with no label attached? Imagine that there are no such things as Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party, or even Independents. I know there’s no way this could be a reality, but if none of us had the option of voting based on party, on a certain set of values put in place by an establishment, you wouldn’t be able to fill in a bubble on a ballot and just assume that candidate holds the same beliefs as you based on the letter next to the person’s name. People are drawn to what is familiar to them, to whatever reflects aspects of themselves. It’s instinctual. Of course you vote for your party’s candidates, that’s who you identify with. But if neither you nor the candidates belonged to any party, you wouldn’t automatically agree with any of them. You’d have to first examine the ideas each candidate is espousing in order to determine who aligns with you. You would have to pay close attention to see which candidate’s platform sounds most likely to benefit their constituency—which includes YOU.

If there were no such thing as party affiliation, and you heard some of the candidates saying it would be a good idea to defund or even abolish police, kill full-term fetuses, release prisoners convicted of sexual offenses and other violent crimes under the guise of preventing them from catching a virus, allow men into women’s restrooms and boys on girls’ sports teams, delete the past two hundred forty-four years of history…you wouldn’t think this person was fit to function in society, let alone hold public office. Some of them even feel the American flag is a hate symbol, and now a Satanic temple is coming to YOUR county…claiming to be doing acts of goodwill and kindness? Few people, when thinking critically, would vote for individuals championing these philosophies. And yet, this is the modern-day Democratic platform. The fact that these principles are attached to a major political party is the only thing legitimizing the irrationality.

So yes, fifth district Democrats, I am specifically asking you to vote for a Republican candidate. Again, imagine that Dasha does not belong to any political party, and neither do you. Let’s just look at her as an individual. As somebody who actually knows her, I can vouch that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more personally invested in their congressional race. She’snot your average political candidate. She’s not a politician at all. She’s someone who already suffered through communism in the USSR and has taken it upon herself to prevent that type of government system from being instated here. It’s an interesting coincidence—or maybe it isn’t a coincidence at all—that certain events occurred simultaneously with Dasha’s campaign. She knew there were people running on a socialist platform, sure. Bernie Sanders. AOC. But neither she nor anyone else would have predicted that we’d be seeing the very aspects of socialism she has given warnings about, such as government overreach, civil unrest, removal of rights, and erasure of history, begin unfolding just a month after she filed. It’s terrifying, but will ultimately work in her favor—due to the current state of affairs, it could not be more self-evident how badly we need a person with her unique background and perspective in the House of Representatives. So in November, let’s not think about party at all. Let’s instead support and vote for individual candidates who advocate for law and order, rights and freedoms, common sense, empathy, and most importantly, love.

Ed. Note: Yes, Satanic DelCo is real and attributes to itself sweet-sounding values like: One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason. Why not just call itself Christian? Because Satan is a liar and SatanicDelco isn’t interested in acting with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason. Satan is Hebrew for “One who plots against another.” Look at the roots and understanding will be found. Any group that names itself for Satan is by definition untrustworthy. The only way to make sense of what goes on in the world is to look at the Cross. It’s put high on our churches and worn around necks and is truly a sign of compassion and empathy. Why is that? It certainly wasn’t meant to be. It’s a horrific instrument of torture. It was the most evil thing ever built by man. You can say it was inspired by Satan. Now, though, it merely mocks him and reveals him as the loser he is. Satan isn’t to be feared. Be bold in calling out his lies and telling the truth.

Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District Satan In Pennsylvania 5th District

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Can anything be stupider William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 7-23-20

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