Sid Mark R.I.P

Sid Mark R.I.P

By Bob Small

Whether or not you believe Frank Sinatra was one of the greatest singers of the last century — I don’t know why you wouldn’t — only he had a devoted radio presence for 65 years in the persona of one Sid Mark.  

Most recently, Sid Mark of Bryn Mawr presented his Sunday with Sinatra on 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on WPHT 1210 AM –the same station as Dom Giordan.

Sid Mark Fliegelman died on April 18 at the age of 88.  He began airing Fridays with Frank, in 1957 over WHAT am and fm and continued airing his shows over various stations and/on various days until  April 17  of this year.

Sid Mark R.I.P
Frankie and Sid

There is plenty more information over these websites.

Sid Mark, Disc Jockey Devoted to Sinatra for Six Decades, Dies at 88

Sid Mark, Radio’s Authoritative Source On Frank Sinatra, Has died

Personally, he was one of the two weekly shows that I had to listen to.  Sid Mark had a wealth of knowledge and information about the whole Sinatra clan and, more importantly, about the recordings, bands, record labels, etc.  To keep this in context, as a soloist,  he released 59 albums and 297 singles, not counting what he did with Tommy Dorsey’s big band and The Pied Pipers, etc.  (Note; there is some dispute over how many actual songs he did release, whether you count remakes of previous songs, etc.)  The citation for this post is Wikipedia.  The most unusual album he ever did was Watertown, a “concept album”.

Sid’s show, at it’s zenith,was carried over 100 stations. Now there are other shows, on both broadcast and Sirius, that focus on Sinatra or Sinatra and friends, but this was the original. 

In the meantime, another Delaware Valley personage, who has been broadcasting the same format for almost the same time is one Jerry Blavat.  He started in 1958  broadcasting what we call either “doo-wop” or“accapella”.  He has been on numerous stations and he knows many of the acts, both old and new, and much of the history, especially the local history (Cameo-Parkway records, Chubby Checker, Bob Horn of Bob Horn’s bandstand, later taken over by a young kid named Dick Clark, etc.)

Currently, Jerry Blavat has a Saturday evening show (6 to 7 p.m.) on WXPN and a daily Monday to Friday show (5 to 7 p.m.) on 92.1 WVLT  He’s only 81 as of this writing.

Sid Mark, R.I.P

Pennsylvania Constitution Must Reading For Pennsylvania Patriots

Pennsylvania Constitution Must Reading For Pennsylvania Patriots — Delaware County’s Bill Denison has been holding on-line classes regarding the Pennsylvania Constitution and generally promoting the reading of it.

To our embarrassment, reading it was not something we’ve ever done and so a few weeks ago we did.

You’d be surprised at what you find.

Consider Article II concerning the legislature which includes reapportionment:

d)  Any aggrieved person may file an appeal from the final plan directly to the Supreme Court within 30 days after the filing thereof. If the appellant establishes that the final plan is contrary to law, the Supreme Court shall issue an order remanding the plan to the commission and directing the commission to reapportion the Commonwealth in a manner not inconsistent with such order.

(e)  When the Supreme Court has finally decided an appeal or when the last day for filing an appeal has passed with no appeal taken, the reapportionment plan shall have the force of law and the districts therein provided shall be used thereafter in elections to the General Assembly until the next reapportionment as required under this section 17.

When the state Supreme Court ordered that Pennsylvania’s congressional districts be withdrawn in 2018, was that more or less than 30 days after they were approved on Dec. 22, 2011?

Based on the Pennsylvania Constitution, the state legislature should have immediately begun impeachment proceedings for every judge who vote aye for the new districts.

If the citizenry was aware of the what the law was they would have supported the action.

Did you know that there is a specific section regarding absentee voting?

§ 14.  Absentee voting.
        (a)  The Legislature shall, by general law, provide a manner
     in which, and the time and place at which, qualified electors
     who may, on the occurrence of any election, be absent from the
     municipality of their residence, because their duties,
     occupation or business require them to be elsewhere or who, on
     the occurrence of any election, are unable to attend at their
     proper polling places because of illness or physical disability
     or who will not attend a polling place because of the observance
     of a religious holiday or who cannot vote because of election
     day duties, in the case of a county employee, may vote, and for
     the return and canvass of their votes in the election district
     in which they respectively reside.
        (b)  For purposes of this section, "municipality" means a
     city, borough, incorporated town, township or any similar
     general purpose unit of government which may be created by the
     General Assembly.
     (Nov. 5, 1957, P.L.1019, J.R.1; May 16, 1967, P.L.1048, J.R.5;
     Nov. 5, 1985, P.L.555, J.R.1; Nov. 4, 1997, P.L.636, J.R.3)

        1967 Amendment.  Joint Resolution No.5 renumbered former
     section 14 to present section 11 and amended and renumbered
     former section 19 to present section 14.
        1957 Amendment.  Joint Resolution No.1 added present section
     14 (formerly section 19).

One with knowledge of the words in Constitution would have demanded that the addition of the category of “mail -in elector” would have required amending the Constitution rather than merely changing the Election Code as per Act 77 of 2019.

Where you aware that witnesses in contested elections may not withhold testimony upon the ground that it may criminate himself or subject him to public infamy.

The Constitution is not fun reading but even skimming it and being aware of the table of contents is a significant upgrade in understanding.

You can read it here.

The citizenry of this state better start learning how to be citizens.

Thanks Bill Denison for the inspiration.

Pennsylvania Constitution Must Reading For Pennsylvania Patriots Power And Nuclear Plants

Anger is never without William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-30-22

Anger is never without William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-30-22

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Anger is never without William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-30-22Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.
Benjamin Franklin

Anger is never without William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-30-22