Miller Revealing Aument Indifference

Miller Revealing Aument Indifference — Mike Miller, the guy who is taking on the Republican wool-garbed wolf who represents the 36th District in the Pennsylvania Senate, attended Monday’s Elanco School Board meeting and then the one in Warwick School District the next night.

He says he was there to support the parents and learn about the controversies. He spoke at neither.

Miller Revealing Aument Indifference
Mike Miller with President Trump

The issues in Elanco —  Eastern Lancaster County School District — are described here. Warwick’s concern involves allegations that the school board has been derelict in its duties with regard to what books that were allowed in the curriculum as they appear to be more about indoctrinating fashionable values and less about developing the ability for independent thought.

Ryan Aument, the wolf that Miller is hunting, won election to the Senate eight years ago and has quickly worked his way into a leadership role holding the position of Caucus Secretary.

Miller, a 46-year-old investment advisor from Ephrata, is a husband of 19 years and father of three.

Miller never before sought political office. He became motivated to run when he began paying attention to Aument’s actions during the two years of Covid.

Miller notes that Aument did not represent the two-to-one Republican district in the way they should expect.

Aument backed Act 77 which gave this state the disaster of mail-in voting.

“People feel there is no accountability for that,” Miller said.

Miller notes that Aument continued to support funding for the University of Pittsburg after it was revealed that its research included grafting parts from aborted babies onto lab rats.

Miller also points out that Aument is the only Republican sponsor of SB 99, which would make diversity rather than competency or character the primary goal in hiring teachers.

Incumbent Ryan Aument

It’s not something that helps education or Lancaster County, Miller says.

Miller says he didn’t seek endorsement from the Republican Party.

“We don’t need their blessing to be a citizen,” he said.

He expects an onslaught from the party bosses in the next month.

Surprisingly, he expects to prevail. He says the there is a lot of dissatisfaction with Aument in the community, and the more people know about him the dissatisfaction has increased.

Miller says he is getting a good response as he goes door-to-door and finds voters become his enthusiastic after he explains Aument’s positions.

And Aument has been rather indifferent to his constituents.

He wasn’t in Elanco or Warwick, after all.

Miller Revealing Aument Indifference

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup

By Bob Small

And here are two more Republican candidates for lieutenant governor. The primary election is May 17. Previous stories can be found here and here and here.

Jeff Coleman has one of the most extensive websites of any of the candidates and a plethora of experience and recommendations. He has over 50 (!) recommendations from people including Matt Brouillette, Rep. Donna Oberlander, and Sam Rohrer. Rick Santorum said  “In a time of division, we need leaders like Jeff who can bring people together.”

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup
Jeff Coleman

Coleman is the son of missionaries who served in the Phillipines during the 1986 overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos.

During his time in the Pennsylvania House, he helped lead the fights against gambling expansion and higher taxes. In an unusual move, after only serving two terms, he decided to retire from the State House to devote more time to his family.

In 2005, Coleman and his wife Rebecca founded Churchill Strategies to help conservative candidates and causes.  He’s a graduate of Liberty University and Rebecca is a member of the Borough Council in Lemoyne. 

He is also the author of the book “With All Due Respect, Recovering the Manners and Civility of Political Content”.

Teddy Daniels wears many hats.  He’s an America Firster, combat veteran, pro-Trumper, and a retired police officer.  He’s a recipient of the Combat Infantry Badge and the Purple Heart. In 2002, he was named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by a Maryland American Legion post.

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup
Teddy Daniels

At West Virginia University, he was a starting guard for its nationally-ranked football team.

He has been a leader in the legal marijuana market and is listed as a security advisor for Cannaspire.

In the last election, Daniels served the Trump campaign as the Northeast US Director of Vets for Trump. He has aligned himself with gubernatorial candidate Douglas Mastriano.

However, Rolling Stone Magazine has posted an article that includes accusations of domestic abuse, child support arrears, suspensions from his police job, and other offenses.   The Feb 16 article made it clear that Teddy Daniels had declined an interview request and refused to answer a series of written questions. 

There are also other articles echoing these charges,  Voters may want to review these and form their own opinions.

Candidates Coleman And Daniels Discussed In Lt. Gov Roundup

Is Biden Compromised?

Is Biden Compromised?

By Dr. Robert Sklaroff

The pattern of Brandon and Hunter Biden mixing their business affairs officially suggests that one potential explanation for Brandon slow-walking opposition to Putin is that he’s compromised; excessive reliance on sanctions (that some people feel could work chronically due to evidence of shoddy Chinese production of cheap tires) has yielded the destruction of Ukraine by bombs/artillery that may finally be confronted after Russians used “phosphorus bombs” (chemical weapons) and used a bomb on a packed train station (inscribed with “for the children”), motivated by the 10 Plagues of Biden the Zhlub.

Note what Putin has been saying/doing after Ukraine sank its flagship in the Black Sea:  [1]—Kremlin spokesman admitted Russia has suffered “significant losses” but insisted invasion stopped World War III; [2]—THE INEXORABLE LOGIC OF DICTATORS led to Latvia becoming his newest target for “denazification”; [3]—Russians claimed to have destroyed the base hosting “Foreign Mercenaries” with sea-launched cruise missiles; and [4]—150 FSB foreign intelligence agents and Putin’s domestic policy advisor were purged.

Is Biden Compromised?

The Ukraine invasion fiasco has released other anti-Putin forces:  [1]—Poland officially blamed Russia for the 2010 plane crash that killed its president and senior military officers; [2]—NATO was expanded de facto to include Ukraine and de jure to include Finland and Sweden; [3]—NATO shifted strategy from Ukraine must be defended to Russia must lose; [4]—Hyperlinks from Axios explained the importance of Ukraine; and [5]—Game-changing weapons flowed to Ukraine after a NATO emergency meeting.

The impact on the USA has been profound, operationally/politically:  [1]—Brandon said Putin Is committing genocide and “trying to wipe out the idea of being Ukrainian” prior to sending another $800 Million in US Weapons to Ukraine; [2]—NSA’s Sullivan said Russia attacks against Ukraine are “absolutely” war crimes; [3]—Gen. Milley admitted it “certainly is possible” that Brandon’s Afghanistan debacle influenced Putin on Ukraine; [4]—Pompeo said Brandon’s “weakness” led to Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine and that sitting at the table with Iran and/or Russia would be “incomprehensible”; [5]—Boris visited Kyiv, but Brandon didn’t, reflecting a vacuum in free world leadership; [6]—Liz Cheney said Russia is committing “genocide,” (noting Liz Cheney set a personal fundraising record as Trump vowed to unseat her); [7]– The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft said, “Americans don’t want war and we don’t trust Brandon in the Ukraine”; and [8]—Key Points that Putin apologists miss illustrate why Americans know the time to arm Ukraine is now

Is Biden Compromised?

Little bit of mercy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-22-22

Little bit of mercy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-22-22

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Little bit of mercy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-22-22Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just.
Pope Francis

Little bit of mercy William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-22-22