241st Year Agenda

241st Year Agenda

By Don Adams

As our nation enters its 241st year, there are so many serious issues confronting us that it often seems overwhelming.241st Year Agenda

It appears there are three overarching problems currently threatening our Right to Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness.

On the international front, no one can deny that the violence of Islamic Jihadism has been so pervasive over the past several decades, both in the US and abroad, as to warrant a most serious effort to defeat it.

Yet world leaders such as President Obama, Pope Benedict, and Angela Merkel focus far too much energy and resources on the supposed long term threat of “global warming” rather than the eminent danger of global terrorism. This colossal failure of leadership must radically change now or our way of life will be the next casualty.

We must declare war on Islamic Jihadists and determine to defeat them within this decade.

On the domestic front, we face pending economic and cultural decline due to excessive centralized government and a lack of individual responsibility.

Federal, state, and local governments, whose spending is largely out of control, continue to regulate and tax us into submission. As the arm of government attempts to reign supreme, it diminishes the importance of church, community and family in our personal lives. As a result, the economy remains stagnant and we the people grow restless.

The diminished church, the apathetic community, and the embattled family leave us vulnerable to negative cultural influences that peddle drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, and other irresponsible behaviors.

Too many of our current elected officials and bureaucrats–in all levels of government–are attempting to control rather than to empower us to lead productive, happy lives.

But, alas, it is not too late to rise up, as our Founders did 240 years ago today, and fight to preserve our cherished freedoms and institutions.

As Brexit has shown, the pendulum is swinging against big, centralized government and in the direction of decentralized, limited government; individual empowerment; and personal responsibility.

If our nation can defeat ISIS and the onslaught of tyrannical government, we will have successfully brought the American Revolution into the 21st century.

Our Foundation hopes to be at the forefront of this ongoing, never-ending American Revolution–with all of you!

We pray God continues to bless you and our great nation.

Mr. Adams is on the board of the Independence Hall Foundation.

241st Year Agenda

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