A Republican Day In Pa

As in the states with races getting national coverage Election Day was a Republican Day in Pennsylvania — and especially Delaware County.

According to unofficial results, Republican Joan Orie Melvin was leading Democrat Jack Panella, 898,453 votes to 796,470 votes for the state Supreme Court seat with 97.4 percent of the precincts reporting.

Also, Republicans Sallie Mundy, Paula Ott and Judy Olson seemed to have wrapped up places on the Superior Court along with Anne E. Lazarus, the lone Democratic bright spot. In fact, the fourth Republican, Temp Smith, also finished behind Democrats Robert J. Colville, and Kevin Frances McCarthy.

Republicans Patricia A. McCullough and Kevin Brobson won the races for Commonwealth Court.

In Delaware County, Republican Linda Cartisano beat Democrat Nancy Rhoads Koons for a seat on Common Pleas Court in a 53,116 vote to 34,060 vote landslide.

Republicans Jack Whelan and Mario J. Civera beat Democrats Keith Collins and Nancy Baulis by similar margins for County Council seats.

In Springfield, Republicans Gina Sage,  Paul Wechsler and James J. Devenney easily won their commissioner races.

In a non-partisan election, Superior Court Judge Kate Ford Elliott and Commonwealth Court Judge Dan Pellegrini were retained by 68 percent and 66 percent votes respectively.

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