Ads Banned For Gender Stereotyping

Ads Banned For Gender Stereotyping — Free speech defender Bob S of Swarthmore sent us this link about bureaucratic bullies in the U.K. banning ads for Volkswagen and Philadelphia Cream Cheese for “gender stereotyping.”

It is just as wrong to ban ads teasing women or showing a woman doing a traditional female task as it is to ban ads teasing men or showing a woman doing a traditional male task.

Let freedom reign and the proper and desired social equilibrium will be found.

Ads Banned For Gender Stereotyping
Ads Banned For Gender Stereotyping

6 thoughts on “Ads Banned For Gender Stereotyping”

  1. So now it is wrong to show people in traditional gender roles? If gender doesn’t matter, and now there are so many “genders,” what is the difference how anyone is portrayed?

    There are so many commercials now-a-days that show homosexual couples ad nauseum, when in reality they are a small fraction of our society. And if the couple is homosexual, then one of them is in the traditional gender role and the other is not.

    Our world just may end within 12 years, but not because of “climate change.” It is going to end because of the stupidity that is so pervasive that we just won’t know how to survive anymore.

  2. Has anyone else noticed the increasing number of ads that feature non-traditional relationships. I am tolerant of the choices other people make, or the lifestyles they lead. But it seems to me that the advertising industry, as an outgrowth of the entertainment industry, is pushing such content far beyond any actual percentage of the population it represents. They’re bashing us over the head with it.

    Again, the agenda is not simply tolerance of, but rather, celebration of, anything that diverges from traditional culture.

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