Andy Reilly Spins For Mullen

Delaware County GOP boss Andy Reilly sounded a bit flustered on Dom Giordano, today, Aug. 3.

Andy Reilly Spins For Mullen
The posting by AS Hallinan was made May 28 at 6:03 p.m. and reads Mr. Paul A. Mullen has been endorsed to represent the 161st District in the PA House of Representatives. — at Heritage Ballrooms. The meeting didn’t start until 7 p.m.

He said a report that an email saying Mullen’s candidacy was announced an hour before the nomination meeting is ludicrous.

Of course it is. It was a Facebook posting.

He said “I take issue with people saying that just because someone is a member of a trade union he is liberal.”

Again of course. Mullen is a liberal because he supports liberal candidates.

And Andy, it’s not just about “some picture“. This is what Mullen said  in 2010 about Sestak: A lot of politicians say they’ll support you when they run, then they turn their backs on you. Joe’s the opposite. He stands tall with the IBEW. Members here—they know Joe. He’s been to the hall several times and he’s toured our training facility. He’s definitely one of us.

Andy speculated what Mullen’s possible positions might be.It would have been kind of nice if Mullen could answer the questions himself.

Write-in Lisa Esler tomorrow. She’s the one with guts.

Andy Reilly Spins For Mullen

2 thoughts on “Andy Reilly Spins For Mullen”

  1. Shame on Andy Reilly! He could have really pulled off a Mullen and stayed out of it. He lost a lot of his politcal shine by defending a union goon on the Dom Giordano radio show. Perhaps we should be looking or a new county GOP leader. A conservative one. He should be supporting Lisa.

  2. Mullen is taking a page out of the Hillary “political playbook”.
    Don’t appear in public and definitely don’t take a position…..not easy to “learn” about your candidate that way….unless,they have something to hide IMO
    IMO Andy Reilley disgraced himself today

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