Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route  — They are the drives of a lifetime says National Geographic Traveler;  the 50 greatest scenic routes in the world. They include the Almalfi Coast in Italy and rugged lonely Cornwall, England.

And of course Route 1 in Delaware County or part of it anyway.

National Geographic Traveler calls it the Brandywine Valley Drive. It starts at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, meanders down Route 52 to The Inn At Montchanin Village in Delaware, then down routes 100 and 141 to the Hagely Museum and Nemours Mansion, then back to Route 52 to Winterthur and then back to Pennsylvania to Route 1 and  Brandywine River Museum, which is in Delaware County,  then back to the Diamond State down Route 141 to the Mount Cuba Center and then to Wilmington, believe it or not. It’s the tax free shopping. Seriously.

So next time you are drumming your fingers at the light at 202 just realize you are about 10 minutes away from one of the 50 greatest scenic routes in the world.

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

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  1. Believe it or not, my brother and I have been travelling this csenic byway for years without realizing it had been recognized by NG! It makes for a lovely trek through the Northern Delaware landscape, and as has been stated, any number of wonderful stops are on the tour route. I might also add that the Brandywine River Museum is nearby, as well as distinctive, upscale towns like Greeneville and Centreville, and historic Dupont properties like Auburn Heights(Rte. 100). The Wilmington & Western Railroad runs through much of the identified area. It begins on Kirkwood Highway just west of Wilmington and takes a beautiful path along historic Red Clay Creek.
    Setting the cost of gas aside, the route described is a nice, inexpensive date or family outing, especially in Autumn.Highly recommended!

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