2 thoughts on “British used biplanes William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 8-23-19”

  1. Owner of a sign company in Upper Merion Township – Ted Kunda – in the 60s took me for my first flight, which was in a a 1947 Piper Cub, two-seater with me in the back. Stomach whirling we reached a good altitude and Ted yelled back at me “get your foot off the cable on the floor”. That cable controlled the rudder. We landed and I was shaking and nearly collapsed. We plopped down in his backyard, because that’s all the Piper needed. I asked him where he learned to fly – piloting B17s in WWII, he explained, showing me the dual electrical system that provided even spark plug backup, although that baby could have glided home.

  2. “That’s right Snoopy. The British used biplanes until the 1970s. One even landed on an aircraft carrier.”

    As trainers, though, not in combat. I think the last biplane they flew in combat was the Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber, which served to the end of World War II, interestingly enough. When your back’s to the wall, you use what you have. It was Stringbags that crippled the Bismarck and helped sink her, for example.

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