Bucks RINOs Want Dawn Bancroft Gone

Bucks RINOs Want Dawn Bancroft Gone — The Bucks County RINO establishment is doing it’s darnedest to remove one of the committeewoman who voted to fire Pat Proprik as party chairwoman in the county GOP’s June 25 reorganization meeting.

Dawn Bancroft won the Precinct 2-2 committee race in Doylestown Borough the month before, beating a last minute entry from Ms. Poprik who is petrified of losing power.

Dawn is a well-known martyr of Jan. 6 and the Republican residents of the district picked her knowing full well her background.

Dawn has been convicted of the misdemeanor of “parading” for the events of that day and is scheduled to begin a 60-day sentence in the medium security prison in Hazelton, W. Va. on Sept. 6.

She will be back for the Nov. 8 election, however.

The problem, however, is that Poprik faction is trying to use Dawn’s reputation as a rebel against the empire to remove her from her elected position and replace her with a minion.

Will they succeed?

That’s the real question. If they do though, we suspect she will be back like Obi-Wan even stronger than before.

Bucks RINOs Want Dawn Bancroft Gone

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