Kung Flu Fighting

Kung Flu Fighting — If you missed the just ended presidential Covid-19 update, a silly person pretending to be a journalist snippily asked President Trump about a report that someone in the White House referred to the disease as the Kung Flu. The President asked her who. She didn’t know. The President asked her to repeat the phrase. She got flustered. The president was Kung Flu fighting. His quips were fast as lightning. It was a little bit frightening. But he fought with expert timing.

Kung Flu Fighting
Kung Flu master

And for what it’s worth, we never heard the phrase until the silly person pretending to be a journalist brought it up. We think she coined a new name for the disease which will come into common use.

Kung Flu Master

Virus Postpones Pierogie Sale

Virus Postpones Pierogie SaleHoly Myrrh-Bearers Parish in Swarthmore has postponed its pierogie sale due to the unprecedented virus prevention measures issued by the state.  For anyone who has ordered pierogies for pickup on Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20 , your order will be held until our next sale in April unless you wish to cancel your order.  If you wish to cancel your order, please call the “Pierogie Hotline” at 610-544-1216 or by emailing  HMBChurch@verizon.net

Virus Postpones Pierogie Sale
Virus Postpones Pierogie Sale

Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education

Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education — Pennsylvania’s school boards love their Taj Mahals. The go-along-to-get-along-especially-when-we-can-get-a-cut political parties happily egg them on. The lap dog media outlets masquerading as protectors of the little guy joyfully hump their legs.

With the Wuhan Flu — excuse me President Xi that should be Wuhan Bat-eater Flu — maybe horizons can be expanded and some thinking outside the box occur. The panic is causing some places to put their education online.

Economics forced the one-time steel town of Midland, Pa. to close its high school in 1985. It contracted with other districts to handle education including at one point sending its children across the border into Ohio.

In 2000, it started The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, commonly known as PA Charter. It is now the largest public school in Pennsylvania and second largest in the country. The vast majority of attendees are happy with it.

Granted you still need hands-on interaction especially for the arts and athletics which are very important for growth but one can’t deny the flexibility offered online, the enormous cost savings and the chance to escape some of the twisted teachings that have become fashionable by the progressives who run the educational establishment.

Online education might be a silver lining of the Wuhan Flu.

Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education
Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education
Where would you rather send your kid to school? Here or Midland?

Wuhan Flu Thoughts And Observations

Wuhan Flu Thoughts And Observations — We have been asked to express our view on the Wuhan flu so here goes.

In the historical sense we don’t think it is going to be that bad.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Trump administration’s point man on fighting the disease, estimates the mortality rate at 1 percent which is about 10 times worse than the typical flu.

Obviously, we should take it seriously.

On the other hand, this is not the Philadelphia yellow fever epidemic or the various cholera pandemics or typhus or even the Spanish Flu which had a mortality rate of between 2 and 3 percent and also hit Philadelphia rather hard.

The Wuhan flu is very dangerous for old people so we are keeping our old people in and staying in ourselves for their sake.

If we were on our own, however, we would catch a plane and check out Disney World were lines would be short and deals would be expected. Actually, if they are still doing cruises we would go on one assuming the deals are what we think they are.

We think the economy is obviously going to be hurt as there are those who, like us, are obliged to avoid going out and the stock market is suffer accordingly.

In the long term, though, we will be fine unless the government screws things up.

Actually, our biggest fear is the Deep State not letting “a serious crisis go to waste” and pull stuff as they did after 9/11 such as the TSA and Patriot Act.

One more observation: The death rate on the Diamond Princess where 3700 people were stuck with the Wuhan flu for a month was about 1 percent (corrected).

Don’t be afraid and enjoy life.

Wuhan Flu Thoughts And Observations
Wuhan Flu Thoughts And Observations -- We have been asked to express our view on the Wuhan flu so here goes.

California Homeless Coronavirus Concern

California Homeless Coronavirus Concern

By Kevin Lynn

The novel coronavirus that first appeared in China late last year has been finding its way around the world since. Its journey highlights why a nation’s borders serve not only to protect a nation’s security, but the health and welfare of the citizens of a country. Ineffective U.S. border control for decades, as well as only cursory attention paid to internal controls that regulate entries and exits of noncitizens, has left our country vulnerable to a new pandemic.

California Homeless Coronavirus Concern

The agencies and technologies exist to effectively regulate entry, but we choose not to utilize them. Quixotically, cities, counties and even entire states opt to declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. The poster child for local governments providing sanctuary is Los Angeles, a city least prepared to deal with a disease outbreak.

Last year, Los Angeles had an outbreak of typhus, a disease characterized by fever, headaches, a purple rash and often delirium that typically spreads by infected mites, lice and fleas. The outbreak would have probably gone largely unreported had it not been for the disease jumping from the city’s homeless population to staff working in City Hall, blocks from Skid Row.

Conservative estimates place the number of Los Angeles County’s homeless population at 59,000. Imagine if coronavirus hits that population. Unlike typhus, which is a bacterial infection, the coronavirus can spread much more easily. The virus, which results in the disease COVID-19 in humans, can spread between people who come as close as six feet, via respiratory droplets and by exposure to infected surfaces. The Center for Disease Control states, “The virus that causes COVID-19 seems to be spreading easily and sustainably in communities.”

It is hard to walk back decades of neglect and disinterest in what should be a commonsense approach to regulating who may enter the country. But the special interests that want an inexpensive as well as pliable labor force and politicians looking to feather their nests have undermined our ability to respond effectively to the coronavirus.

The countries of Singapore and Mongolia have been shining examples of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The number of new cases in both countries is falling off dramatically. In the case of Mongolia, cases have plateaued. Singapore responded immediately to the crisis. Its top-notch healthcare system allowed it to do localized testing which helped not only in early identification, but also effective tracing of potential carriers. Moreover, it was able to take the restrictive measures necessary with a citizenry that was prepared to sacrifice for the common good.

Contrast this to what is now a very balkanized California. Even with its large vulnerable populations (150,000 homeless) and recent examples of disease outbreaks, California has no localized disease testing. California’s politicians are almost giddy with delight when flouting the nation’s immigration laws, but tepid when it comes to measures that actually improve the safety, health and security of its citizens.

Likely California will handle COVID-19 in much the way it responds to everything else that requires an effective response. It will launch into delusional thinking that will have its political leaders assigning blame to everyone but themselves. The question is: How long will the citizenry put up with this?

Kevin Lynn is the Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform. Contact him at klynn@pfirdc.org.

California Homeless Coronavirus Concern

Diamond Princess Coronavirus Benchmark

Diamond Princess Coronavirus Benchmark — Stocks have fallen more than 4,000 points in eight days as of 11 a.m., Feb. 28 on Coronavirus COVID-19 fears. Is the sell-off rational? Frankly, if this thing is going to be an apocalyptic disaster, we’d be less worried about our investments and more interested in stocking up on alcohol wipes and food supplies.

OK, and alcohol without the wipes.

What good is money going to be at the end of the world?

And if this in not going to be the apocalypse, the market is going to be totally cooking when certainty returns in a few months.

So is it the apocalypse? The Diamond Princess seems a good indicator. The British-registered vessel operated by Princess Cruises packs 3,700 passengers and crew in a space about three football-fields long and and height of a mid-sized skyscraper. It’s more densely populated than any city in the world.

The virus is believed to have crept onto the ship on Jan. 20. It was discovered 16 days later. As of yesterday — 38 days after the virus arrived — 705 cases have been confirmed which is about 19 percent of the population with five deaths, the latest being a British man. That’s a .07 percent fatality rate so far.

Johns Hopkins is providing good data regarding the spread of the disease and that can be found here.

Concern is required but panic is not. The stock market will come back, and food and alcohol will not go to waste.

Diamond Princess Coronavirus Benchmark
Diamond Princess Coronavirus Benchmark

Frisco Homeless COVID-19

Frisco Homeless COVID-19 — Here’s your happy thought for the day with a big black lining: What happens when it dawns on Nancy Pelosi that those homeless defecating in the streets of her neighborhood are going to be major spreaders of COVID-19 if (when?) the disease should break out here?

Frisco Homeless COVID-19 San Francisco Homeless COVID-19
The picture of incompetence
San Francisco Homeless COVID-19

Ebola Entitlement Is Poison

CHRIS FREIND Ebola Entitlement Is Poison
By Chris Freind

We’ve talked about Ebola’s lethality and the government’s staggering ineptitude.

Now it’s time to admit Ebola likely is here to stay. That’s not because it’s an efficient killer. It’s much more basic. Ebola will thrive because it is being enabled by America’s Big Three diseases which have been gnawing at our core for years: Arrogance, Incompetence, and Entitlement.

Yet we won’t use the antidote – common sense and intestinal fortitude – because of our denial that we are the problem.

Let’s look at the recent spate of mind-blowing developments helping Ebola gain a foothold:

1. Nurse Kaci Hickox, upon returning from West Africa where she treated Ebola patients, registered a fever at Newark airport. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie placed her under the state’s mandatory quarantine. But she threatened to sue, of course. Her confinement was inhumane, and her civil rights violated! Oh the horror of sleeping, eating, giving interviews and watching movies while keeping the public safe!

But rather than standing his ground, Christie released her into America’s most densely populated region so she could go home to Maine. And what a shocker: she is defying her quarantine order there, choosing to ride a bike and frolic in public.

“I will go to court to attain my freedom … I don’t plan on sticking to the guidelines,” Hickox says.

Grow up, Kaci. First, you are free. If you don’t believe it, visit Cuba. Second, since we still don’t know what we’re dealing with, quarantine is part of the gig. If people don’t like that, they don’t have to go to Africa. But you did. Deal with it.

The hard fact is that we have no idea whether Ebola is lurking in her system, since its incubation period is (usually) 21 days or less. If it slowly manifests itself while Hickox is out and about, she could infect others – thus the absolute need for quarantine. What part of this can’t they understand?

2. Christie should not have discharged her. While he claims he didn’t buckle under pressure from the White House and medical “experts,” that’s clearly what he did. Releasing her to a private transport company, especially given her flagrant disdain for the rules, was especially troubling. In his first true presidential-caliber test, Christie failed, and his capitulation should hurt him in the presidential primaries.

3. Dr. Bruce Beutler, an American immunologist and geneticist who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology, doesn’t think Christie is being strict enough.

“I favor (the quarantine) because it’s not entirely clear that they can’t transmit the disease,” Beutler said. “It may not be absolutely true that those without symptoms can’t transmit the disease … there’s a lot of variation with viruses.” And given a recent study (backed by the World Health Organization) showing that 13 percent of Ebola-infected people never exhibit a fever, that should be all the science we need for instituting quarantines.

4. Kaci’s attitude isn’t surprising. We Americans have come to believe we are entitled to everything, and cry that we’re “bullied” anytime someone advocates personal accountability. The “I-deserve-what-I-want, when-I-want-it” mentality has decimated common sense and respect for others. No society can prosper when basic actions for the greater good are flushed away.

And let’s not forget Dr. Craig Spencer in New York, who, after working with Ebola patients in Africa, ignored self-quarantine and misled authorities about riding in subways and taxis, dining out, and bowling – then developed Ebola. And who picks up the tab for the decontamination costs in Dr. Spencer’s case?

One of the first things taught in medical school is that patients lie. We should assume the same for healthcare workers, since, as Dr. Beutler correctly stated, some “behave very irresponsibly.”

Bottom line: if “elite” medical professionals can’t be trusted to follow the rules and tell the truth, what makes us think that Ebola can be contained?

5. The Ebola Wars are not without comedy. Some in the medical community, the CDC in particular, have scolded leaders for establishing quarantines. Accusing them of making decisions based on politics, they argue that they, not politicians, should be calling the shots.

Are they serious? The same people who have been monumentally screwing up from the beginning are now trying to act with moral authority? That’s like Lindsay Lohan preaching temperance. If laughter is indeed the best medicine, well CDC, mission accomplished.

6. Most Americans favor quarantines and travel restrictions, yet their concerns are being ignored by the White House, even as more countries adopt those strategies. (Australia just suspended entry visas for people from Ebola-affected countries).

America’s answer? The State Department wants to bring foreign health care workers infected with Ebola to America for treatment. It’s hard to fathom the stupidity of that plan.

8. What if Ebola arrives at a nearby hospital? Do you send your kids to school if a classmate’s parent works in that hospital? What happens when 30 people become infected, and medical teams can no longer give their undivided attention to a single patient?

Most chilling, what’s the plan for dealing with non-“model” Ebola patients, i.e., those who don’t seek treatment – the illegal alien scared to come forward; the person having an affair who won’t list his mistress as a close contact; “co-habitating” college students who think they’re invincible; the homeless; even the Average Joe. In other words, damn near everybody. This is exactly how Ebola can efficiently spread throughout the most mobile society on Earth.

Not enough people are asking these questions. Instead, too many are dismissive of Ebola as a major threat, or focused on politically correct measures that make Ebola’s inroads that much easier.

Hippocrates said,” Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.” After 2,400 years, it’s pretty scary that many “experts” still haven’t learned from history.


Ebola Entitlement Is Poison

Pennsylvania Monitors Ebola For 100

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is monitoring about 100 people for signs of Ebola, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Most are those who recently spent time in Ebola-stricken West African nations albeit three are Pennsylvania residents who shared  an Oct. 13 flight from Cleveland to Dallas with a nurse who later tested positive for the virus.

None have tested positive for Ebola and that their risk of getting it is very low, according to Department of Health spokewoman Spokeswoman Aimee Tysarczyk.

She said the department is in touch with each person daily.

So kudos for Gov. Tom Corbett for staying on top of the matter.

Hat tip Bob Guzzardi

Not that Bob is going to vote for Corbett.

Pennsylvania Monitors Ebola For 100


Pennsylvania Monitors Ebola For 100

Roger Simon Skewers Obama Ebola Incompetence

Author and Academy Award nominated screenwriter Roger Simon has a great column at PJmedia.com skewering the Obama administration’s handling of  Ebola and other ongoing crises  in way that makes you want to cry — or hide under the covers.

He notes that after millions knew of the hatchet attack by a “quasi-Islamo-lunatic” on a New York City cop, yesterday, Oct. 23, an administration representative queried about it was unaware it happened.

Regarding the matter of  Dr. Craig Spencer,  Simon writes was that part of the latest CDC protocol or the pilot for a television series — “Bowling for Ebola”?  In this new reality show/game you have to guess which ball doesn’t have infected fluids from the previous contestant inside its little holes.   The winner gets to go on but the loser, well… you know…

Spencer 33, returned to New York on Oct. 17  from the West African nation of Guinea where he had treated Ebola patients.  He spent the next six days riding subways, bowling, using the Uber taxi service, and spending time with his girlfriend before reporting a fever on Oct. 23 and being admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center for diagnosis and treatment.

So what did Obama do on Oct. 23? He hung out at Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s (D-W Va) mansion where he was the guest of honor at a $32,400 a plate fundraiser for the Democrat (Little Guy LOL) Party.

The mansion, by the way, is an $18 million palace in Washington D.C., a long way from coal fields and mountain music of the people, Rockefeller — who is retiring this term — allegedly represents.

When our little ride ends Obama supporters are going to look at their votes for the man about the same way the Germans who voted for Hitler did in June 1945.

Anyway, kudos to Roger Simon.


Roger Simon Skewers Obama Ebola Incompetence

Roger Simon Skewers Obama Ebola Incompetence