Literal Crony Felon And Covid Response In L.A.

Literal Crony Felon And Covid Response In L.A. — America is in danger because America is run to a frightening degree by people whose priority is personal wealth and power and indifferent — if not outright hostile — to the public good.

The once great city of Los Angeles is providing the perfect example with the appointment of Carl Kemp as Chief Communications Officer in the Environmental Health Division of the LA County Department of Public Health.

Literal Crony Felon And Covid Response In L.A.
Car Kemp

 Kemp had just been released from federal prison after finishing a sentence of filing a fraudulent tax return for failing to report $750,000 in “lobbying” income, including nearly $220,000 from a drug trafficking kingpin.

Kemp was hired by progressive political hack Barbara Ferrer who replaced nationally respected epidemiologist Dr. Jonathan Fielding as head of that department in 2o17. Before Ms. Ferrer, the health department avoided patronage hiring.

When the political class laughs at the law and the public is not outraged the Republic is in danger.

Hat tips and Harmeet K. Dhillon.

Literal Crony Felon And Covid Response In L.A.

One thought on “Literal Crony Felon And Covid Response In L.A.”

  1. There are felons at every level of government. If we got rid of them all, there would not be enough people left to keep government running. But let’s get rid of them anyway! Maybe we need a break from government completely.

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