No Vax ID Got Me Flagged At Door

No Vax ID Got Me Flagged At Door

By Bob Small

It had been over three decades since I had been”flagged” from anyplace –getting sober then may have been a factor –but all lucky streaks must come to an end.

Briefly, I had registered online to attend a live forum on gun violence on Tuesday, July 19.  I registered while multi-tasking as one does. One of the participants was our own Swarthmore Police Chief, Raymond C. Stufflett.

However, upon arrival at the site, Ohev Shalom, I was told that I needed to provide my ID.  By the way, when I had attended for previous Biblical Lectures, this was almost never asked. “Which one?” I asked, “Driver’s licence or … “

No, they wanted my proof of vaccination! Since I didn’t have it with me, and since it wasn’t on my smartphone, which was at home anyway, like any good smartphone should be, there was nothing to be provided. Rather than being escorted out –who knows what those vaccination zealots are capable of?–, it was exit stage left for me.

I was vaccinated twice before I decided against further jabs, and there any many ID’s not carried around. And in further rebellion against the surveillance state, I only carry a dumb old cell phone, which maybe just barely graduated high school.

In my defense, none of the print information about the event in The Swarthmorean or elsewhere listed the ID requirement, but it was on the online registration form.

No Vax ID Got Me Flagged At Door

I did not argue that I had already had Covid-19, and that with the aid of Ivermectin and other protocols I had recovered (to be discussed in a future post).  Nor did I mention that there was not any boosting after I stopped seeing Dr. Fauci as my guru and switched over to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  (Whose body! My body!)

Currently, neither the Kimmel Center, Swarthmore College, nor the Wells Fargo Center requires their customers or visitors to provide proof of vaccination. Most other venues do not either.

Recently, our honored leader has developed a case of Covid. (I had wanted a president who was at least five years older than me, and here we are.) I hope he has access to Ivervectin and the  supplements I took.

By the way, the forum on gun violence seems to have been a lively affair, with Delaware County DA Jack Stollsteimer stating that the homicides and nonfatal shootings in Chester had dropped from 122 in 2020 to 80 in 2021 as a result of implementing practices imported from Boston Ceasefire.  

For what happened at the forum, see this article from The Daily Times.

No Vax ID Got Me Flagged At Door

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