Update On Krasner Impeachment From Carmela Ciliberti

Update On Krasner Impeachment From Carmela Ciliberti — Chesco attorney Carmela Ciliberti’s latest podcast gives an update on looming impeachment of Philadelphia’s out-of-control district attorney, Larry Krasner. Murders in the city are up 59 percent since won election. He blames everybody else.

Carmela does expect the state legislature to successfully impeach Krasner this session but does feel the effort is waking up many.

Give it a listen here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2038515/11613477

Update On Krasner Impeachment From Carmela Ciliberti

Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti

Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti — The Carmela Ciliberti Show’s most recent subject concerned the pending impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and the misery he is inflicting on the birthplace of America.

Check it here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/2038515/11389671-krasner-tragedy-politics-and-hope

It’s worth a listen.

Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti
Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti

Pam Geller Reports And Philly Happenings

Pam Geller Reports And Philly Happenings

By Dr. Robert Sklaroff

Philly and Pennsylvania often mirrors national forces and, thus, this “homer” has aggregated on-point cites, many of which are from the Inqy [when it suppresses bias]. For example, Brittany Salerno and Barbara Capozzi provided a pro/con debate on whether safe injection sites are desirable; I went to Penn State with Barbara, who is a South Philly real estate agent whose Dem-$-raiser I once attended (She’s color-blind, literally and figuratively). Fortunately, she took the “correct” side, opposing government-given drugs.

Other Philly-evolutions have been captured, reflecting lotsa stuff impacting urban USA:

Inga Saffron: By turning Fairmount Water Works into a party space, Philly exemplifies the worst of park privatization

As they rip up worn trolley tracks on South 40th Street, SEPTA construction crews have been excavating pieces of Philadelphia history

Few buildings from the 1876 Centennial in Fairmount Park are still standing

A new plan for the Navy Yard would add residential, commercial, and retail space to ‘create a new community’

Owner of Melrose & Broad Street Diners obtained demolition permits

Police Seek Gang of Black Children in Beating Death of Elderly Black Man

‘Queer-owned’ leftist Philly cafe shut down by woke employees for not being left-wing enough

A western Pennsylvania lawmaker wanted to hold up Penn State’s budget funding unless it comes clean about where it’s storing the statue of former football coach Joe Paterno.

The PA Department of State filed suit against three Commonwealth county boards of elections (Berks, Fayette and Lancaster = “outlier counties”) for not properly certifying vote tallies from the May 17 primary election; they “are holding up final certification of PA’s 2022 primary election because they refuse to send the Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth (Leigh Chapman) certified returns that include every ballot lawfully cast in that election. This Court should order the three county boards that are delaying resolution of the 2022 primary election to send to the Acting Secretary certifications reflecting all lawfully cast ballots.” They are “to submit a single set of results that include[s] mail-in votes that arrived in undated external envelopes.” Those ballots have been the subject of several other lawsuits.” 

Pa. lawmakers agreed to a big election funding deal — with strings attached — as election proposals swirled during budget season. But the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette warned new PA Election Rules Will Make Things Worse. The state’s new budget calls for $45 million to help counties run their elections, including roughly $4.75 million for Allegheny County. But the rules of the “election integrity grant program” that counties must accept to receive the money are ineffective and counterproductive. 

Generally, the journalistic input of Pamela Geller is integrated within the memos but, here, it’s desirable to dramatize the uniqueness of one day’s output:

DoJ EXTORTING Testimonies Out of Their Witnesses

Daughter Delivers Elderly Mother with Cancer to Prison on Jan 6 Charges, “Scared to Death. I’m Frightened”

Almost a THIRD of Americans believe they’ll need to take up arms against the government, 68% of rural voters say the government is ‘corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me’

The Democrat Regime is Rewriting The History of the mRNA Vaccines

FDA Grants EMERGENCY Authorization for Another COVID-19 Vaccine

Trump SOS Mike Pompeo; Mr. President, your weakness is making the Middle East more dangerous

California School Punishes First Grader for Saying Any Life Matters

Mexican Cartel Drug Traffickers Released On Bail-Reform Laws After Feds Arrest Them In New York City With $1.2 Million Of Meth

Biden In Israel: “Honor of the Holocaust”

Biden says US would use military force against Iran as a ‘last resort’ to prevent it from developing a nuclear weapon

Muttering and Lost: Disoriented Biden – “What Am I Doing Now?”

Massive Numbers Crossing Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas

Left-Wing Group Lands $171 MiIllion Gov’t Contract That Could Reach $1 Billion To Help Illegal Immigrants Avoid Deportation

More of Hunter Biden’s sick, depraved life comes to light

‘Palestinian’ terror group and Iranian state TV channel back mapping project against Jews, pro-Israel Christian groups in America

TRUMP PEACE. Saudi Magazine Praises Arab Israelis Who Serve in IDF

Democrats Unanimously REJECTED Amendment to Increase Penalties For All Child Sex Trafficking offenses

President of the Islamic Cultural Center: “All of Europe – inshallah – will be Muslim. So, have children!”

Soros-Backed LA DA Gascon Kills ‘Lifer Unit,’ Will No Longer Let Victims Know When Their Assaulters Are up for Parole

UNRWA inciting violence with U.S. funding

Dr. Sklaroff is a resident of Montgomery County and practices oncology and hematology in Philadelphia.

Pam Geller Reports And Philly Happenings Pam Geller Reports And Philly Happenings
Pam Geller Reports And Philly Happenings

Krasner Impeachment Begins

Krasner Impeachment Begins — The winds have shifted in the halls of justice — at least at the municipal level –and the minions of George Soros now find themselves against it.

Krasner Impeachment Begins
Larry Krasner

Radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin has been booted out by San Francisco and a recall effort has begun in L.A. against radical District Attorney George Gascon.

And in Pennsylvania, the promised impeachment of Philadelphia’s radical District Attorney Larry Krasner is underway.

The process was started in the State House by representatives Torren Ecker (R-193), Josh Fail (R-15) and Tim O’Neal (R- 48).

Murders have exploded in Philadelphia under Krasner with most of the suffering being born by those minorities that “progressives” so loudly claim to care about.

The most recent exercise in judicial hypocrisy was the revelation that the three white Antifa thugs who were part of a mob beating of two Hispanic Marines in 2018 will not serve jail time.

The sooner Krasner goes, the better for everyone.

Krasner Impeachment Begins
Call it white privilege
Krasner Impeachment Begins

Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud

Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud — The legendary Michael “Ozzie” Myers — yes, the one-time Democrat congressman for Philadelphia’s 1st District is a legend who has inspired movies and songs — is back in the news for orchestrating vote fraud in Philadelphia.

Hey, Bill Barr did you see that? Might give you a good laugh.

Granted, the fraud to which Ozzie copped a plea occurred in primary elections in 2014 and 2018 but only a blind fool would think similar things weren’t likely in 2020.

Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud
Ozzie Meyers circa 1980

Myers has confessed to colluding for several years with 39th Ward judges of elections Domenick J. Demuro of the 36th Division and Marie Beren of the 2nd Division to add votes for his preferred candidates.

The Department of Justice says Myers paid Demuro between $300 and $5,000 per election while he merely directed Ms. Beren as to whom to give the votes.

That sexist bastard.

If one is Boomer like Barr who can’t get one’s mind around the tech behind 2000 Mules, ask why certified ballot-counting GOP watchers in Philly were unwillingly kept 18 feet away — an impossible distance at which to discern details — as thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of ballots were counted.

Ask whatever did happen to those USB drives and laptop used to program voting machines that were stolen from a city warehouse just before the election.

We’re sure there is an innocent explanation. Snort.

Ozzie Myers Confesses To Philly Vote Fraud

Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms

Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms — The Pennsylvania Legislature appears to be about to impeach Larry Krasner — the guy George Soros hand-picked as Philadelphia District Attorney —as just revealed on WPHT’s Dom Giordano Show.

Murders during Krasner’s reign have risen from 317 in 2017 to 562 last year, a record.

Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms
A face only a Soros can love.

They are on a pace to hit 660 for 2022 according to Dom.

The Republicans control both chambers. The House, which has a 112-89 R edge, can impeach Krasner with a simple majority. Two-thirds of the Senate, though, is required for removal. The Republican advantage, there, is 28-20 with one independent who caucuses R, and one vacancy.

Will the R’s hold together? The guy behind the push is Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman of the 34th District, so that seems likely.

Will four Democrats join them? Don’t rule it out. There are still Democrats who represent conservative areas that don’t hate police.

Regardless, I think Corman just got our vote for Governor.

Sorry Donna 🙂

Larry Krasner Impeachment Looms

Congresswoman Carjacked In Sorosdelphia

Congresswoman Carjacked In Sorosdelphia — We just learned via the great Gateway Pundit that Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked on Pattison Avenue in Philly, about 2:45 this afternoon (Dec. 22) after leaving a meeting about development in FDR Park.

Congresswoman Carjacked In Sorosdelphia
So does a liberal who gets carjacked become a conservative?

Maybe that’s why our Democrat congresswoman — Pennsylvania’s 5th District — has yet to respond to our query regarding the use of ivermectin to treat congressional covid cases.

Mary Gay, according to GP, is fine albeit she lost her 2017 Acura MDX, personal cell phone, federal government cell phone and personal ID. 

The perps were two armed men. You would think a better description would be available.

Will we find it true that a conservative is a liberal who gets carjacked? Hope so but we wouldn’t bet on it.

Wasn’t that long ago, the stadium neighborhood was among the safest in the city.

Oh what a difference a Soros DA makes, right Larry Krasner?

Of course, Delaware County is in the same boat, right Jack Stollsteimer?

Congresswoman Carjacked In Sorosdelphia

Dom Explains Why Krasner Must Go

Dom Explains Why Krasner Must Go— The great Dom Giordano, yesterday, had a panel discussion about Larry Krasner, the Soros-supported Philadelphia district attorney who is doing is absolute best to destroy the city.

Krasner is being challenged by in Tuesday’s Democrat primary by Carlos Vega, a long-time former assistant Philadelphia D.A.

Dom’s panel featured Victim’s Rights Advocate Maureen Faulkner; Roz Pichardo of Operation Save Our City; Nick Gerace of Protect Our Police PAC; and former Philadelphia prosecutor Richie Sax.

If you missed it you can hear it here.

Dom Explains Why Krasner Must Go
Vega Explains Why Krasner Must Go On Dom Panel

Byrne Vote Fraud Reveal Part II

Byrne Vote Fraud Reveal Part II — Patrick Bryne’s next installment as to how the election was — undeniably Mr. Stephanopoulos — stolen is up at DeepCapture.com.

Then November 3, the night of the election, everything they had been predicting to me would happen, happened.  I am not going to make this essay a full account of the steal. ONE SHOULD SEE SIDNEY POWELL’S SUBSEQUENT LAWSUITS AT SCOTUS FOR EXPLANATIONS AND AFFADAVITS: IT IS NOT THE POINT OF THIS ESSAY I AM WRITING HERE. But any political scientist can explain that to steal the national election one does not need “widespread election fraud”:  instead, with deep election fraud in five cities, one can flip the states they are in, thereby flip the electoral college, and thereby steal the election nationally. And what do you, know, those five cites (Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Phoenix) experienced unprecedented “shutting down” of vote counting in the middle of election  night on November 3. Some of those cities saw goons muscling observers away from vote counting centers on various trumped up reasons, while others taped pizza boxes across windows to block observation.In Atlanta’s State Farm Arena in Atlanta, a “water main break” forcing the evacuation of the vote counting area of and in the few hours when the courting was “closed”, hundreds of thousands of votes were pushed through the system, often showing 99.4% and even 100% runs for Biden, thousands of ballots in a row.  (A month later, the Georgia investigators reported that a urinal had simply overflowed. ) In some places, security cameras caught workers in these windows grabbing cases of ballots out of hiding and feeding them into machines while counting was stopped for spurious reasons.

Read it in detail here: https://www.deepcapture.com/2021/01/how-djt-lost-the-white-house-introduction-why-i-was-involved-before-november-3-and-what-i-learned-by-doing-so/

Byrne Vote Fraud Reveal Part II
Part I can be found at this link.
Byrne Vote Fraud Reveal Part II

Angelo Bruno Receives Visitor

Angelo Bruno Receives Visitor —The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, on Feb. 23, 1964, published the below article by their reporter William Lawrence Sr. concerning a meeting with the noted Angelo Bruno.

We thought we’d share it:

Angelo Bruno Receives Visitor --The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, on Feb. 23, 1964, published the below article by their reporter William Lawrence Sr.
Angelo Bruno Receives Visitor --The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, on Feb. 23, 1964, published the below article by their reporter William Lawrence Sr.
Angelo Bruno Receives Visitor