Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah — Election integrity activists Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom implored the listeners of Face The Culture, yesterday, Feb. 8, to stay involved and vote despite the ever-more visible depravities of the lizardly leaders of the Uniparty.

Greg and Leah are poll watchers from Delaware County, Pa. and the authors of The Parallel Election, a history of what occurred in Delco in 2020.

Face The Culture is hosted by Pastor Steve Gruen and Kim Kennedy and airs 7-8 p.m. EST weeknights on the Liberty Channel on Archives can be found at A link to yesterday’s show is here and below.

Even if a tenth of what the pair describe is true, huge problems remain obvious.

Leah notes that Delaware County has 46 percent of Pennsylvania’s election ballot drop boxes with 42. Maybe it’s hard to believe as Pennsylvania has 67 counties but Philadelphia, the largest county, has but 18, while Allegheny County, the second largest, has none.

Delco’s drop boxes are open 24/7 dubiously monitored by solar-powered cameras. Why would one need 24/7 drop boxes with mail-in voting anyway? Mailboxes are basically drop boxes. Getting rid of the county drop boxes would save money, simplify logistics and, most importantly, ease suspicions.

Challenge To Be Arrested

Leah, Greg and state rep candidate Ruth Moton filed a lawsuit In November 2021 based on information from a whistleblower regarding improprieties from a year before. The matter came before District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer as the revelations involved crimes.

Stollsteimer sent a letter to County Council, May 4, 2022, saying the allegations were fictions. He said comments on video by election workers were taken out of context or doctored. Council read the letter into the record May 18.

Sollsteimer said his investigation was based on three videos taken from the internet. He wouldn’t give the whistleblower, Regina Miller, a standard immunity agreement to let her speak freely.

Leah noted that their evidence, however, involved 37 videos and several audio files, all of which came directly from the whistleblower. None of it was from the internet. None of them were doctored.

She said presenting doctored evidence is a crime. She challenged Stollseimer to arrest them.

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Leah said the attacks from the establishment have been relentless. She said she and Greg talked with noted author Mark Bowden for three hours lead to his book, The Steal, depicting them as liars and calling them “trumpanzees”.

Leah thanked him and said the book made them national figures advancing their cause.

She has gotten no help from the GOP. The Delco Republican Executive Committee was part an initial lawsuit that reached Commonwealth Court but was kicked off after not responding to any filing after the initial complaint.

Beating they System

Greg noted that the corporate two party system manipulates people against each other for their own interests. A Massachusetts native, he says many of his friends and family remain Democrat while also remaining his friends and family.

Greg said voting is extremely important, and people must not become discouraged.

“If you don’t vote, we can’t find those 70,000 ballots. If you don’t vote we can’t see your signature,” he said. “Trust me, this is a painful process but one day soon we are going to get our day in court and we are going to see your signature on the mail-in ballot or we are going to see where your vote where you signed in the blue book when you came in . . . and we are going to be able go in and say we can prove that vote you counted for Joel was not his vote.”

He said that a reason officials were curating a lot of votes was that they were counting people who didn’t vote and they had to get them out of the data base so there wouldn’t be evidence of those people voting .

“If you don’t vote, you’ve given into the system,” he said. “. . . We need you to vote. We need citizens to engage in their government. They have to engage. They have to vote.”

Good People Exist

Greg further noted that not everyone is corrupt and that there are good people in the system.

“Everybody thinks that everyone in the FBI is corrupt. Nobody joins the FBI to be a bad guy,” he says. “. . . There are good people in the FBI. There are judges out there that love the law and one day we are going to get in front of them. We are going to get in front of good special agents in the FBI. There are good people out there and if you believe that as I do and as a God-fearing person I know there are good people out there and they just have to speak.”

He said it is a small minority that is causing the havoc.

“What Leah and I are trying to do is to for people is to give them courage. Say stand up, look what happened, I’m still here. I haven’t been hung from a tree, shot in the chest with my hands tied behind my back with a suicide note stuck to my forehead,” he said.

He said all have to fight this out even if it means going into court and embarrassing yourself.

“I will stand on the Empire State Building in a tutu with a clown hat on my head if that’s what it takes,” he said.

“If we don’t do this our children will go through an even greater hell,” he said.

A link to the show:

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

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  1. Thanks, Leah and Greg! You are fighting against powerful dark forces for which this Nation will owe you a great debt. I am urging everyone to stand and fight before we are completely overwhelmed just because no-one stood up to challenge the system and say enough! Thank you for caring, and for taking the brunt of the attack on behalf of us all.

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