GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

By Bob Small

The Guv throws a spanner in the works. Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro has thrust himself into this November’s City Council Election in Philadelphia.

He endorsed the current City Council at-Large incumbent, from the Working Families Party, one Kendra Brooks.  She is also a member of the leftish DSA (Democratic Socialist).

Bob Brady, former Democratic Representative and current chair of the Democratic Party of Philadelphia, commented on this.  He’s stated that Shapiro’s endorsement of a non-Democrat probably violates state party rules.  It was unclear what their response could be.

On the other hand, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Sharif Street said  “He can support who he chooses”, so this may be a tempest in a teapot.

Ms. Brooks was elected in 2019, the first non-Republican or non-Democrat to win an at=large seat in over 70 years. It probably helped that she was endorsed by Larry Krasner and Elizabeth Warren.

Ms. Brooks’ campaign  says they are planning a fundraiser with the Governor.

Ms. Brooks and Shapiro have worked together before, including a campaign ad last year..

Ms. Brooks has said she doesn’t believe the Republicans deserve governing power in Philadelphia.

This may hurt the GOP more than the Democrats for two reasons.  First, the WFP is closer to the Dems than the GOP.  Secondly, and more importantly, there are seven at large City Council seats, with two reserved for the minority party.  Both the GOP and the WFP have two candidates.  Since 9 of the 10 District Council seats don’t have a Republican opposition, the only other Republican who can win, and probably will, is District 10 incumbent Brian O’Neill.

For information about the Philadelphia Republican Party, such as it is, and their at-large candidates, see  Republican Party of Philadelphia | PhillyGOP | United States 

The Philadelphia GOP has not responded to phone and/or email requests for comment on this issue.

GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

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  1. Unless you were making a pun, Bob Small, it’s “threw a spanner”, not “spammer”. It’s the British word for a wrench. So, “to throw a spanner into the works” is the British version of “to throw a wrench/monkey wrench into the works.”

    Or was it a typeahead on your device?

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