Channel 6 Where Are You?

Channel 6 Where Are You? — Those using an antenna for television might be wondering whatever happened to WPVI-Channel 6 when broadcasting went digital on June 11, 2009.

WPVI is owned by ABC.

Channel 6 is Philadelphia’s second-oldest station behind the CBS-owned KYW- Channel 3 and has been broadcasting since 1947. The low VHF channels were once the prime real estate for broadcasting.  These frequencies, however, require large antennae or antennae with amplifiers  for good reception and are susceptible to interference from  sources such as FM radio stations.

And the strong FM signals being sent by the   WXPN 88.5,  WRTI 90.1 and WHYY 90.9 which are co-located on a tower in Roxborough are getting in the way of the WPVI signal.

The FCC gave WPVI permission to boost its power two weeks ago from 7.5 kilowatts to 30.6 kilowatts which is the maximum allowed in the Northeast.

As of today, however, it is still not being received in central Springfield.

Channel 6 Where Are You?

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