Chesco GOP Cancels Vogel Or Go Woke, Get Smoked

Chesco GOP Cancels Vogel Or Go Woke, Get Smoked — The Chester County Republicans, following their long tradition of mind-blowing, self-destructive stupidity, have censured Ron Vogel for statements made more than a decade ago on Facebook.

And this is with the Primary Election (May 17) just two weeks away.

Chesco GOP Cancels Vogel Or Go Woke, Get Smoked
The Vogel Family

Vogel is among those seeking the Republican nod to take on Democrat incumbent Chrissy Houlahan in Pennsylvania’s 6th District congressional race, Nov. 8.

Vogel easily won the Chesco’s Republican committee’s straw poll although since he didn’t get the 60 percent required for an endorsement, no endorsement was made albeit he was to have been among the recommended candidates.

The censure, however, means that Vogel’s name will be the only one left off the Republican election material.

It’s a great way to tick off Vogel’s many supporters. Can you say disunity in November? We knew you could.

Vogel’s crime is, well, we’re not sure.

It apparently involves posting this 2012 Downfall parody of the Pittsburgh Penguins loss to the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup playoffs; linking to a heavy metal band with an obscene name; and a derogatory word said in a thread by a friend as a way of a greeting.


And all these purportedly vile deeds happened between 10 and 15 years ago mostly while he was in college.

Some of those supporting the censure should be ashamed of themselves considering the unfair things they experienced at the hands of the social justice mob.

If we don’t learn to forgive sin — much less make sins up — we will never win.

Rather than attacking Vogel, a better use of time would to ask Ms. Houlahan how she feels about the real anti-semitism of fellow Democrat congresswomen Ilhan Omar; Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

You kind of wonder if the Chesco GOP even wants to win in November.

If I lived in the 6th District I’d vote for Vogel just to spite the party bosses.

Here’s a link to a video of Vogel explaining the twisted dishonesty of the allegations against him. Click on the word Media.

Chesco GOP Cancels Vogel Or Go Woke, Get Smoked

One thought on “Chesco GOP Cancels Vogel Or Go Woke, Get Smoked”

  1. So shameful, these “fake” conservatives. All hand in hand with the democrats, quite frankly. Vogel is a great guy, and a wonderful candidate. The Chester County GOP committee is off their rocker these days. Clearly the party of Rino and destruction of decent candidates. Vogel does not fit in a box, which is what “they” want.. and he is a threat, because the voters like him… Dr. Eck is feckless, and needs to go. The swampy Chesco party needs to clean house.. but they love their perks!!! So, sadly, it will stay status quo for as long as the people allow the corruption to happen. Chester County is turning gross.. politically and mentally.. thanks to our greedy, self serving, “UN”righteous leaders.. Time for a change!!!! Your commentary hits spot on.

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