Garage Cleaning, Happy Birthday Dad

Garage Cleaning — Today is Dad’s birthday and my first without him. I wrote this shortly after he died. He’s remembered.

The job was over and the tube half empty

So you put it on a shelf and forget it for awhile.

It’s been 50 years since it was 1970

Look at the price and make a melancholy smile.

You were there with Dad when he bought it

Your head barely reached the middle of his thigh

He planned to fix a leak on a faucet

Well, I guess, everybody dies

The fix was quick and the fix was easy

The repair lasted nearly a year

He then took it apart and did the work rightly

Remember that time and to your eye comes a tear.

Garage Cleaning, Happy Birthday Dad
Garage Cleaning, Happy Birthday Dad

4 thoughts on “Garage Cleaning, Happy Birthday Dad”

  1. A beautiful memory. One of many that you will keep in your heart forever.

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