Chester Murder Rate May Top World With Soros D.A.

Chester Murder Rate May Top World With Soros D.A. — Sunday’s shooting of 56-year-old Enrie Wilson, gives Chester, Pa. six murders for the year and the year is only 50 days old. If the pace stands, Chester, with a population of 34,000, will end 2020 with 44 murders.

Chester Murder Rate May Top World With Soros D.A.
Will Jack act?

That would be a murder rate of 131 per 100,000, which would be second in the world behind Tijuana (138 per 100,000) and by far tops in the US more than doubling that of St. Louis which had 61 per 100,000 in 2018.

Is Delaware County’s new district attorney Jack Stollsteimer going to do anything about this? Is George Soros going to let him?

Chester Murder Rate May Top World With Soros D.A.

2 thoughts on “Chester Murder Rate May Top World With Soros D.A.”

  1. It used to be called “community standards”, when police would not prosecute lower level crimes in poor neighborhoods, because “impotent” citizens were supposed to feel sorry for these “masses” and their “lower class” way of life. In Philadelphia this led to the destruction of North Philly, much of Northwest and lower Northeast sections fell to rampant crime and drug addiction. I published The Leader newspaper in West Oak Lane for 18 years and saw this in action until residents revolted, and demanded police treat their near-100% black neighborhood with the same rules as white areas of the city. That worked and home ownership remained at 89%, two huge malls stayed open, and leaders like Rep. Dwight Evans emerged from what the elites call the deplorables. One interesting lesson from a bank president there was his insistence that any graffiti be cleaned up instantly. After a while the “artists” never returned. Why paint, when it disappears the next day?

  2. Soros has been quietly funding local political races around the country.

    I wonder if the Lehigh Valley’s own Susan “Keystone Feinstein” Wild got any Soros money?

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